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Can new photos of Jeffrey Epstein's staff with Prine Andrew, Bill Clinton, and others ruin their credibility? See new proof against Epstein's circle.

New pictures of Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew: The story

There was another mysterious death in connection to Jeffrey Epstein. Jun-Lyn Fontanilla, his longtime maid, died mysteriously. New photographs emerged of her with several powerful figures allegedly connected to Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. 

New photos emerged of Jun-Lyn Fontanilla with former U.S. president Bill Clinton, comedian Chris Tucker, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. The timing of the photos suggests Epstein’s clients may have been closer to him than they say they were. 

The photos

The released photos were taken in 2010. It’s believed they were posted when Sarah Ferguson visited New York on a UN Goodwill trip to address the earthquake in Chile. However, her presence with Jeffrey Epstein’s maid raises a lot of questions. 

Ferguson wasn’t the only one pictured with Jeffrey Epstein’s staff. Her husband, Prince Andrew, was also photographed with her around the same time he allegedly ended his friendship with Epstein. 

Again, it raises the question of who Jun-Lyn Fontanilla was and how she was so close to her boss, Jeffrey Epstein’s clients. 

Who was Jun-Lyn Fontanilla? 

Jun-Lyn Fontanilla, also called Rosalynn, was Jeffrey Epstein’s maid while he was alive. She died in 2016 under mysterious circumstances, adding to the mystery of what she knew about Epstein’s exploits

At best, she’s been accused of being complicit in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. At worst, she helped Epstein recruit and sexually abuse underage girls. One victim, Jennifer Araoz, names Fontanilla as one of her recruiters. Araoz didn’t name her as a defendant in her lawsuit because Fontanilla had passed away by then. 

Jun-Lyn Fontanilla died in 2016, three years before Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest and death by apparent suicide while awaiting trial. The cause of Fontanilla’s death is still unknown. 


Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail

Many of Epstein’s victims recall being trafficked to Epstein’s clients so he could blackmail him. Virginia Roberts-Giuffre recalls being sent out on Jeffrey Epstein’s on commercial flights to “take care of them (Epstein’s clients) and report back to me what they liked, what you did for them.” 

Part of the reason Jeffrey Epstein sought out Prince Andrew was so he could have something on a royal. One of Epstein’s victims said that many Epstein survivors don’t talk about their time with Prince Andrew, but they recall being instructed to sleep with him. 

What do the pictures mean for Prince Andrew’s credibility? 

Prince Andrew fervently denies having any part in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Buckingham Palace has also issued their statement defending the prince. Prince Andrew also appeared on the BBC to defend himself, explaining points about why it took him so long to break off his friendship with Epstein. 

The interview left viewers with questions, like why it took four days for Prince Andrew to end his friendship with Epstein and why he stayed in Epstein’s mansion to do so. The photos raise more. Why was Prince Andrew pictured with Epstein’s staff at the same time he claimed to end his friendship with Epstein? Why was his ex-wife with them? 

The photos, on top of Prince Andrew’s new alleged reluctance to answer authorities about Jeffrey Epstein, can raise questions about his truthfulness. As far as the photos, Prince Andrew declined to comment on them. 

Other celebrities pictured with Fontanilla

Fontallia was also pictured with former U.S. president Bill Clinton, who flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet The Lolita Express multiple times. Epstein met Clinton while he was in The White House, but grew close to him through Clinton’s philanthropy work after serving as president. 

Clinton claims he severed ties with Epstein after his 2008 conviction of soliciting a minor. However, if these photos were taken in 2010, it raises questions about his statement’s validity. 

Former U.S. senator and presidential candidate John Kerry was pictured with Fontanilla and received donations from Jeffrey Epstein. Chris Tucker, also pictured with Fontanilla, flew on The Lolita Express while doing philanthropy work with The Clinton Foundation when they were associated with Epstein. 

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