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Chris Watts is reportedly trying to appeal his prison sentence. Find out whether the murderer has a shot at early release.

Update: Is Chris Watts really looking into filing an appeal for his case?

Is Chris Watts looking for a way to submit an appeal? As any true crime fan knows, Watts, who murdered his pregnant wife, Shannan, and his two young daughters, is currently serving five life sentences after pleading guilty to multiple counts of first degree murder. Watts led police and the media to believe that his wife and daughters were missing.

Instead, Shannan and her daughters were dead, buried on the property of Watts’ former employer. His young daughters’ bodies were in oil drums while Shannan, pregnant with the couple’s first son, was found in a shallow grave nearby. Watts worked out a plea deal where he pled guilty to the charges in exchange for not receiving the death penalty. 

Sentence appeal

However, is Watts looking for a way to appeal his sentencing? Nothing in 2020 has come up regarding this, but in 2019, Watts was looking at his options. According to People a source said, “Obviously, it would be an uphill battle for him, because he pleaded guilty. And with a guilty plea, you forfeit some of your rights to appeal. But that’s not absolute, so there’s a small chance that it could work out in his favor.”

According to the source, Watts feels like he wasn’t in his right mind when he pled to the charges. “And he’s not sure he was in the right mind to plead guilty like he did. For him, it’s not just about him getting out of jail — it’s also that he hasn’t been able to really have his day in court.” 

Watts, however, had not filed any appeal at the time of this writing in December 2020. It looks like he hasn’t found legal grounds in order to file anything. Given that he has detailed the murders of his wife and daughters, including one of the girls screaming at him “Daddy, no!” before he killed her. This is definitely a good thing. Chris Watts is a monster of the highest degree. 

Tourist attraction

Currently, Watts is serving his sentence at the Dodge Correctional Institute in Wisconsin. He spends most of his days in solitary where he has pictures of his family in his cell, which just makes everything have a whole new level of chilling when you really think about it. 

As recently reported, the Watts family home has become something of a macabre tourist attraction in the area. Neighbors are divided on whether or not it should be sold or knocked down with the lot being used for a new home or something else in its place. Either way, selling a house where people famously died? It’s really hard to do.

That’s also adding that there are liens on the home from the creditors, chief amongst them Shannan’s parents who were awarded six million USD in a civil suit. The house will probably just sit there until people can figure out what to do with it, or someone buys it. 

Senseless tragedy

Whatever happens next with Watts whether he does file an appeal, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the case. The Watts family murders remains one of the most horrific & heartbreaking true crime cases in recent years. It’s just a truly senseless tragedy and Watts deserves to spend the rest of his life in that small concrete cell. 

After all, he showed no mercy to his wife, his baby girls, and his unborn son. The reality has just been sinking in that this will be the next 50+ years of Watts life, so now he’s looking for a way out of it. The thing is, there’s probably no real way out for Watts in the end.

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