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Of all the cast characters in 'The Untamed', Jiang Cheng gets the most hate. We're diving into why that is.

‘The Untamed’ cast: Why does everyone hate Jiang Cheng?

The Untamed has a number of complicated storylines going, and it can be hard to keep track of all the ins and outs in the series. One of the most polarizing characters to have emerged is Jiang Cheng (Wang Zhou Cheng). With a myriad of reasons to feel he is either the worst or wholly misunderstood, we are diving in on Jiang Cheng and what makes fans of the show so passionate about his character.

Jiang Cheng: the backstory

When Wei Wuxian (Xiao Zhan) is adopted by Jiang Fengmian (Lu Jiangmin), Jiang Cheng becomes Wei Wuxian’s new brother. The two get off to a rocky start, as Wei Wuxian is terrified of dogs, and Jiang Cheng is forced to get rid of his pets for his new brother. However, Jiang Cheng does come around and eventually the two develop an authentic brotherly bond. 

Unfortunately, Jiang Fengmian’s favoritism of Wei Wuxian does begin to create tension between the brothers. The tension reaches a peak as Wei Wuxian defended Lan Wangji (Wang Yibo) from Wen Chao (He Peng), and Wen Chao subsequently murders the Jiang Clan in retaliation. Wei Wuxian becomes the new patriarch of Yiling, which Jiang supports, as he is relieved that his brother has survived Wen Chao’s massacre.

However, when Wei Wuxian goes against the Jin Sect to defend two Wen Sect members, Jiang Chen becomes increasingly concerned about Wei Wuxian and his alliance with those in the dark arts. 

After Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng’s sister, Jiang Yanli (Xuan Lu) sacrifices herself to save Wei Wuxian, all of the tension between the two comes to a head, and Jiang Cheng murders Wei Wuxian.

When Wei Wuxian is eventually reincarnated, he regrets his previous actions that led to Jiang Yanli’s death and his rift his Jiang Cheng. In contrast, Jiang Cheng’s hatred and jealousy for Wei Wuxian just grows.

Wei Wuxian: the hero 

Those who hate Jiang Cheng obviously love Wei Wuxian, and for good reason. Wei is the charming, bright, loyal hero of The Untamed, and the show’s fans are completely on Team Wei Wuxian. 

While Wei Wuxian has made some mistakes with tremendous consequences, he is not malicious. The original tension in the relationship between Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian comes from their father’s clear favoritism and Wei Wuxian’s exceptional talents, which are out of his control. 

While Jiang Cheng blames his brother for the near-annihilation of the Jiang Clan, Wei Wuxian’s love for Lan Wangji, which is what gives The Untamed its depth, is what caused him to go against Wen Chao, so fans can’t help but forgive him.

Wei Wuxian’s true intentions for Jiang Cheng

Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian fight, and Jiang Cheng knocks Wei Wuxian unconscious.  As Jiang Cheng is gearing up to fight Lan Wangji as well, Wen Ning (Paul Yu) appears and reveals to Jiang Cheng that Wei Wuxian once saved Jiang Cheng’s life by placing his own golden core into Jiang Cheng. 

For cultivators, a golden core is a person’s life. The discovery that Wei Wuxian had saved his life without his knowledge challenges Jiang Cheng, as he is both frustrated that he was weak enough to need his brother’s help and frustrated that he didn’t realize his brother had stepped in for him. The brothers do manage to find a new relationship, but they still have serious tension between them. 

Jiang Cheng can be cruel and angry, but understanding his anger towards his adopted brother is a big piece to the dynamic relationships in The Untamed. The two’s bond has withstood death, jealousy, and sacrifice, and seeing how the brothers have managed to ride such a roller coaster gives each of their characters a new level of depth.

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  • to be honest…i didnt like him just because he was dramatic and salty so basically what this read.

    December 22, 2019
  • Jiang Cheng did not murder Wei Wuxian, the latter chose to jump off the cliff after the death of their sister. Jiang Cheng is always more barks than bites, especially when it comes to his adoptive brother.

    February 27, 2020
    • Ask yourself, would WWX have died if Jiang Cheng had not attacked the rocks holding LWJ UP? If your answer is anything less than 100% yes (or “beyond a reasonable doubt”) then yes he is guilty of murdering his own brother. I think LWJ would never have let him go and he would have gotten him up come hell or high water. But WWX clearly saw that his brother would wind up killing LWJ so he pulled his hand away.

      August 6, 2020
      • Yeah, probably more guilty than WWX for JYL’s death, considering JYL died protecting WWX. And…even when you look at his death in the novel, JC lead the siege to kill him. He may not have dealt the final blow, but he does bear some responsibility for it.

        August 11, 2020
  • But also, the reason why he got captured by the Wen sect and thus lost his core, was only because he wanted to distract the soldiers from finding Wei Wuxian.

    April 14, 2020
  • Sorry, but i found this whole article to be biased. If it is only just based on mdzs drama version also .There were lots of detail which had been missed which most likely create misunderstanding among untamed fans for jiang Cheng character. He was the one who sacrifice his golden core ,whole family and also forgive wei wuxian multiple time in series .wei Wuxian may be a hero for other in series but we shouldnt also forget most of the time jiang Cheng had to pay for his heroism .he had character who is bad at showing his affection but he also never leave wei wuxian side .yes he was angry and remained angry but if you watch the series in detail you will get to known he do always care and remain by wei wuxian side .and also he really is not responsible for wei wuxian death .

    Sorry if my comment seemed rude .but i think i should point out this to justify jiang Cheng character.

    April 24, 2020
    • Wei Wuxian had to pay more than anyone for his actions and “good” people of the Jiang clan and the Lan clan stood aside as more powerful clans called for the blood and murder of people they KNEW were dozens of innocent old grandparents who could barely scrape together a farming village, a kid, only one cultivator who chiefly practiced medicine, and her undead brother who had only killed his captors. If anything, I find it eternally interesting that Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen (and Lan Wangji to a lesser extent) aren’t held accountable for being willing to let innocents die to maintain their positions and good standing of themselves and their clan. None of them stay by Wei Wuxian’s side when it really matters. They blame him for being forced to defend himself and losing (in their minds) control after being beset by 1000 Jin clan men in what any rational person would assume is an elaborate assassination attempt by the whole clan. They blame him for not wanting victims of the old Wen regime to become nameless slaughter to the new Jin regime. They abandon him and leave to attend to their own business. They blame him for others caring about him (he’s somehow responsible for Yanli’s death in Jiang Cheng’s eyes). We’re supposed to feel sympathetic toward the nobles because Wei Wuxian does, but it’s hard for me not to see their actions (or lack thereof) as cowardly. Wei Wuxian tried very hard to convince them but couldn’t stay politely at banquets while innocent people were being used as human bait, worked to death, or slaughtered for amusement. Jiang Cheng and Lang Wangji saw the Burial Mounds. They knew it was a collection of mundane, suffering people just trying to live. Jiang Cheng knew he was a coward at the end, and that’s the only reason he’s a sympathetic character to me. People trying to say that his actions were justified are wrong – they were understandable but they were cowardly, and his cowardice is his biggest character flaw. The leaders who were fit to rule in the whole series and genuinely cared about the lives of people even if it was difficult were Wen Qing, Wei Wuxian, and (maybe) Jiang Fengmian and Lan Wangji.

      July 6, 2020
      • Yes, completely agree…Jiang Cheng may not be evil but he is a big coward and always plays the victim card.

        September 14, 2020
      • “If anything, I find it eternally interesting that Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen (and Lan Wangji to a lesser extent) aren’t held accountable for being willing to let innocents die to maintain their positions and good standing of themselves and their clan.”

        The Jiang and the Lan may have stood by as the Wen remnants were slaughtered, but didn’t the Wen remnants also stand by and do nothing as the Lan sect was burned down and the entire Jiang clan was massacred? It’s called an eye for an eye.

        WWX is an idealist, who does what he thinks is right, but never thinks of the bad consequences that follow all his well-intentioned actions (which mainly have to be cleaned up by JC).

        JC, on the other hand operates on realism, i.e. know your own limits, mixed with a good doze of morals based on blood feud principles — something that a modern audience probably won’t be very familiar with. It’s these blood feud based principles that JC stand by and all the moral obligations that come with it, that JC haters appear to dislike the most.

        Since it was the Wen clan that massacred the Jiang clan, this blood feud dictates that JC has the moral obligation to eradicate every last Wen in order to avenge the Jiang clan. The fact that WQ and WN helped JC escape is probably the only reason why JC did not take further vengeance on the last Wen remnants, but he (and LXC for that matter) had absolutely zero obligations beyond that to protect the kin of WRH.

        Blood feud principles are also the reason why JC participates in the siege against WWX, because, even though JC doesn’t really like Jin ZiXuan all that much, he still has a moral obligation to take revenge against the person who killed his sister’s husband. This siege, which WWX had provoked in the first place when he killed JZX, causing the death of JC’s most beloved sister JYL, is what fully cements the blood feud between WWX and JC — and what caused JC’s love for WWX to be turned into hate. It’s actually a testament to how much JC had loved WWX that he still didn’t personally kill WWX, but decided to stab the ground with his sword instead.

        Of course, there are extenuating circumstances to JZX and JYL’s deaths. But considering that WWX himself didn’t know this — how the hell was JC, whom WWX never tells anything that is of vital importance, supposed to know that WWX had not gone off the rails because of demonic cultivation? Especially, considering that demonic cultivation was known to affect the practicing cultivators mind, which is the reason why it had always been called a twisted path in the first place?

        JC’s moral obligations further extend to all the demonic cultivators, that he hunts down later on in his life. Yes, JC partially does it because he is obsessed with WWX, but we can’t forget that WWX was raised in the Jiang sect, making the Jiang sect liable to WWX’s actions and wrongdoings in the eyes of society. JC as the Jiang sect leader has the moral obligation to correct these wrongdoings including suppressing the new flow of demonic cultivators that were all mimicking WWX.

        What JC haters dislike about JC the most is that he has duties and obligations that he cannot ignore for the sake of WWX, who does not have any such obligation as an orphan with no clan or family to be accountable to. (It’s important to note here that WWX, JYL, and JC might have been as close as siblings, but they are NOT actual siblings, not even adopted ones, because shixiong means “older male student under the same martial teacher” and shijie means “older female student under the same martial teacher”.) WWX’s obligation is one of a disciple to his sect, which means his only duty is to the Jiang sect leader, i.e. first to JFM (and YZY) and then to JC. JC’s obligations are those of the very last son to his own clan — he has the duty to avenge the Jiang clan, to continue his bloodline, to rebuild and protect the Jiang sect, and restore it to its former glory.

        In the cultural setting that the story is playing in, it is actually WWX who breaks his moral duty as ascribed to his societal position of Jiang disciple when he puts the Wen remnants before the needs of JC. JC, on the other hand, is following his moral duties and obligations dictated by his societal position as last scion of the Jiang to a T, except that one time when he sacrificed himself to the Wen soldiers for WWX’s sake.

        Frankly, JC and LWJ would probably have had more a more happy life if they could switch places. As a 2nd son, JC would not have to handle the pressure of an heir and within Gusu Lan his innate tendency to follow prescribed rules and expectations would mesh well with the infamous Wall of Rules. LWJ, on the other hand, no matter how many rules he follows, is at heart a rule breaker, which is why he and WWX become a couple. This free-spiritedness fits the Jiang motto, which is often translated as “attempt the impossible”, but it’s actually closer to “knowing that something can’t be done, but still doing it anyway”.

        December 9, 2021
    • Hjjiang Chemo didn’t sacrifice his golden core, it was taken from by force—while he was looking out for WWX, admittedly. One of the few timers he does something nice for others. In the first half of the story he’s mostly concerned with and his clan’s reputation; in the second half he mostly goes around kidnapping and torturing people without a care. Yes I feel very sorry for him; his parents did not raise him right. But that doesn’t mean that he’s a good guy at heart.
      —-and how does he pay for WWX’s heroism??

      August 6, 2020
      • You do realize that WWX’s behavior towards the Wens, odious as they are, in the Xuanwu cave gave the Wens the pretext and justification to accelerate their plans of invading the Jiang sect and killing JC’s parents? And that WWX promised to maintain control over his demonic powers but still lost it anyways and killed Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli? And that JC begged his mother not to whip WWX and defends him from LWJ and JGS and the other sect leaders from what they perceived to be transgressions in the balance of power? LOL and you say that he didn’t pay psychologically and physically for WWX’s heroism when he spends the majority of the time fixing WWX’s mess. WWX may be a likeable main character but that doesn’t mean he’s Jesus Christ and should be absolved of everything he does.

        August 11, 2020
      • If your brother always do things without thinking of consequences and end up both punishment, your dad always praise him and expect you behave better, yet WWX is older brother but did not take brother responsible and you as younger brother have to behave more mature… it’s very nature you will have jealousy no matter he is talented than you or no. Second after the mascara, Jiang Cheng has to think his clan first. As a young leader and a lot of responsibilities, WWX instead of helping even create more conflict (I guess it’s needed for story to move on) If WWX support Jiang Cheng by carry sword or merge with other. People won’t be easily break their relationship.
        Even WWX choose dark path. Jiang Chen still believe he can handle and never asked him to give up. Even after WWX choose to stayed Wen clan. Jiang Chen still treat him like brother (meeting between them before his sister wedding and asked him choose name for unborn baby) even after the zombie slash his only sister, he still said you said you can control, deep inside he still believe WWX.
        But whoever get betray by brother who say will stayed by your side no matter what (end up choosing Wen clan), zombie controlled killed the only last family, who will no go mad. Even WWX choose to killed himself (in the movie) give up and let the resentment ghost eat him alive (novel) who can blame Jiang Cheng no be able to get over it. Especially he can’t kill WWX or get an answer.
        He indeed look for WWX after that. But he couldn’t find anything. So at that time he totally lost all his family. Yet why he did not choose to die like WWX, because he need to take care his beloved sister son who were just 1 month old, he has to support his clan.
        13/16 years not only Lan Wanji looking for WWX, Jiang Cheng also do the same. The only different is that WWX choose to go with Lan Wanji then Jiang Cheng that make his character angry all the time.
        First life you choose Wen clan, second life you choose Lan clan (where is your promise be my side) If only WWX go back to Jiang family things will be different.
        When Jiang Cheng and WWX in hostel, first word Jiang Cheng want probably sorry for their sister died or I regret choose Wen clan and cause sister died. He just want a closure but usually talk active WWX refuse to say anything (WWX knew Jiang Cheng temperament) yet he said nothing. No even miss you or how have you been … how are u feeling? If a brother who you missed dearly finally back and say let You live your life and I live my life…. of course you will be angry.
        Again same thing happen to Lan Wanji, when WWX first missing 3 months and suddenly appear and Choose to draw a line with him. Lan Wanji also behave anger. Lan Wanji only learn to be patience again with WWX after he lost him second time and search for 13/16 years
        Summary: actually Jiang Cheng is more patience with WWX than Lan Wanji. Been endure WWX nonsense for 18 years from young, to his become Yiling patriarchal. Then 13/16 searching only family member, yet he still can’t get him to stay in his side. Or even visit him at their hometown or offer joystick for his beloved Shi Jie or Jiang Fengmian. On the other hand Lan Wanji, after lost WWX first time (3 months) still can’t accept all his bad behaviour even though he did love him already, only after lost him second time 13/16 years later then he grew patience to accept all good and bad about him. (He can choose to keep staying with WWX and Wen clan or even leave Lan clan if really want to stay with WWX after the mascara but he did not.
        So don’t hate Jiang Cheng. Love and hate is really hard to differential. In the novel, the writer did reflect both side. Things can be both ways. For example WWX can become Yue Yang (without love from Jiang Fengmian) WWX no become Xue Yang because he always have someone support him, shi jie, Jiang Cheng always ask his mom no punish him.
        Lan Wanji could end up like Xiao Xin Cheng if WWX did not love him back.
        I love Jiang Cheng bring up JingLing himself and teach him dark path is no good. I love Jiang Cheng to built his clan and protect his clan. He did fail protect WWX, but he protect his clan. Sometimes as a leader you can’t do thing perfectly. Jiang Cheng protect and forgive WWX for the first of his life and end up lost all his family. It’s very naturally he choose different direction. Hope to protect his niece and his clan. If Jiang Cheng didn’t love his brother, he will already treat him dead and moved on.
        Maybe he torture people practice dark path cause he know it’s always end up hurt people. Opposite of love is hate.
        I hope he can have a lovely family of his own too. Sad to see him alone for too Long. Hope writer can give him happy ending instead alone till old age.

        August 25, 2020
    • I find it weird that people blame Wei Wuxian for attack on the Lotus Pier. Wen would have attacked. They attacked everyone. The biggest clans to the small little known clans, every clan was getting attacked left and right. How come Wen would have let Cheng clan be?

      Cheng like his mom blamed him for the attack on the clan home because Wei was an easy target to went. His mom didn’t like Wei because of her own marital issue with her husband. And then the GF of the Wen wanted her personal anger out at Wei for him interfering in the cave when she wanted to hurt Mian Mian. But even with half a brain Cheng should have known that attack was coming whether Wei had done anything in the cave or not.

      How could Wei not fight in cave? Wen prince had ordered everyone to be killed and it would be cowardly not to react his GF and him being cruel to people around them. It’s not like Wen Caho would not have targeted anyone else after Lan Zhan. He would have picked on them one by one.

      Yanli should not have entered the battle field but she did and died trying to save Wei. Blaming that one on Wei alone is not fair either.

      Jiang Cheng has insecurity and jealous issues. It’s understandable why he is like that but it’s should not be an excuse for bad behaviour. He was kidnapping and torturing and perhaps killing people suspecting them to be Wei or because they practiced same arts as Wei. He owed Wen Qian and Wen Ning big time. Wei could not save him on his own at the time. He himself was quite weak- first he was hurt in the cave, he was barely recovering when Wen attacked and he was beaten with Zidian whip. And then all the shock , trauma and running around but no where to go.

      If Wen Qian thought just like Cheng she would not have saved Jiang Cheng and helped Wei. She took no less risk in helping Wei and Cheng right under the nose of the villains. She, her brother and her people all were at risk when she was taking care of Jiang Cheng. Wei helping her and her brother and people was a debt being paid. Debt that was on his adopted clan. Debt that was being paid on behalf of Jiang too.

      Timely help of Wen Quian saved Jiang’s clan. But Jiang didn’t firmly support Wei in Jin court. He let his insecurities rise and was easily played in hands of Jin who were misbehaving in Wen’s stead. They had played important role in bringing Wen clan down and Jiang could assert and demand right to free some people. But he didn’t.

      Some people say Wei could have supported Jiang. Wei did support Jiang . He rescued him. Gave up his own life and career as swordsman giving up his golden core. ‘Went to save Wens not just because of righteousness but also because she had helped and it’s not in his nature to hesitate in such a manner. Jiang hesitates and looks for excuses.

      Lan Zhan regretted not helping out with Wen’s situation when Wei left for Burial Mounds. And rightly so. If Lan Zhan took a stand, his brother might have too and the mess won’t be that big, that easily. Senior Lan brother was indebted to Yao so he kept silence. His uncle again hides behind 3000+rules but didn’t speak up against misbehavior of Jins. They didn’t condone Wen, but they let Jin act like Wen without much protest.

      Both Yao and Qian worked for Wen kingdom during war but both helped out someone on the other side. Qian did it more selflessly at the time. Yao’s help was more calculating and self serving. Yao got Senior Lan and Jin leader to speak for him. Jiang hesitated because people started comparing him with Wei and his insecurities surfaced. Mian Mian had little power but she showed more spine.

      January 13, 2021
  • I feel like people are giving Jiang Cheng a hard time because of their love for Wei Wuxian. It’s easy to see how a person with Cheng’s temperament would chafe against Wei Wuxian literally all the time. It’s also easy to see Jiang Chen as an older brother (which he is) with a younger brother who refuses to grow up (which Wei does), and he’s hvaing to shoulder all the responsibility. I also think people need to stop and realize, there are things that we, as the audience know, that Jiang Cheng doesn’t. We know about the Golden Core; Cheng doesn’t. We know that there was a second flute at Nightless City and the puppet that kills Yanli isn’t under Wei’s control. Jiang Chen doesn’t know that. We know that Wei was willing to let his right hand be cut off for the Jiang Clan; Jiang Chen doesn’t know that because it’s presented in the drama as a voice-over from Wen. He finds these things out at the last, and grappling with that knowledge at all once puts Jiang Cheng in a hard place. So much that Jiang Chen doesn’t know, or doesn’t want to see. He is the Jiang Clan Leader now; he can’t think just about Wei Wuxian.

    June 20, 2020
    • Yanli wasn’t killed by a puppet. She was killed by a rational man who then blamed Wei Wuxian for causing trouble at the ceremony Jiang Cheng was attending where they all vowed to kill him. Blaming Wei Wuxian because she decided to walk into a dangerous battlefield was completely unfair. In that line of thinking it’s also Jiang Cheng’s fault for joining the other clan’s to hunt him down and setting the scene for this battle. This is shortly after they slaughtered the remainder of the Wen clan and the woman that Jiang Cheng briefly knew and loved – he still sided with them. It’s not just that he’s not thinking about Wei Wuxian; he’s not thinking about morality. He’s very insecure about Wei Wuxian and begged him to stop being a “hero” in protecting the Wen clan. Even without knowing about the core, or even while believing Wei Wuxian lost control, his actions still are defensible. Isn’t stopping a massacre the most basic noble cause? Can any person really be expected to keep perfect control over themselves while people try to kill you and your people? In the novel, Wei Wuxian actually did lose control but in my mind it’s still the cultivation clans who pushed him that far. It’s not that Jiang Cheng doesn’t know right from wrong – he is too scared to confront it. He’s too scared to live by the Jiang motto. Unlike, Lang Wangji, he wasn’t raised with rigid principles; he was always told to follow his heart and attempt the impossible. He knows that Wei Wuxian is right. He know that he is wrong. His anger doesn’t stem from Wei Wuxian’s transgressions but from his insecurities about how Wei Wuxian is better than him in every way – a better brother, a better leader, a more powerful cultivator. Deep down, he has always known this, and society gave him the perfect environment to pretend that Wei Wuxian was really just an evil traitor. His reaction the golden core was simply him not being allowed to pretend he didn’t any more. It makes him a more interesting character, but it also makes him a less excusable character.

      July 6, 2020
  • I just wanted to inform you all that the ones who hate A-Cheng are mainly the ones who have also read the book.
    In the book, JC led a siege to the Burial Mounds and killed WWX by his own hands (somewhat).
    Then JC tortured people who he thought practiced Demonic Cultivation because he thought they were WWX who came back-

    He believed every rumour about WWX.
    I hate when people say that he suffered alot because of WWX, when JC was the one who is ready to turn on WWX at the drop of a hat. He never stood up for WWX in the book. Ever. Even tho he knew WWX was a good person.

    June 24, 2020
    • El no mato a WWX la propia autora dijo que el murio por su propio poder. No se sabe que hizo con los cultivadores demoniacos, los rumores decian no los volvian a ver, en otras palabras pudo tanto haberlos matado como encerrado de por vida. El no creia en los rumores según el(JC) ya tenia bastantes razones para estar resentido con WWX. Ha el no le gustaba en general que hablaran de WWX. Si lo defendio cuando LWJ estaba cuestionando las decisiones de WWX, lo defendio de su madre llegando incluso a demandarle que dejara de azotar a WWX, incluso para que WWX viera a YanLi el dia de su boda el fue quien personalmente la llevo, incluso si esa acción lo perjudicaba( a JC), se sacrifico al dejarse atrapar por los Wen para que WWX saliera hileso en consecuensia fue torturado y su nucleo quedo destruido. Desde jovenes tomaba los castigos con el. No permitio perros en su secta (apesar de que el los ama). Guardo su flauta. Y al final de la novela no le dijo nada sobre porque perdio su nucleo para que WWX pudiera vivir tranquilo junto a su esposo (el que se entromete en una conversación que debian tener 2 personas WWX y JC). Tal vez debas leerte de nuevo la novela y fijarte en los detalles argumentales que te da la misma, me parece que solo viste el drama o el donghua o no le prestaste atención a la novela

      August 4, 2020
  • Its clear how even the headline is inclined more to WWX and just flaunt here how everyone ‘despises’ JC because yes, he’s the visibly hot-headed and violent character that is easily latched on to hate and get annoyes while in fact, I think JC is the most complex character in MDZS/The Untamed because he embodies both good and bad flaws. Firstly, JC GENUINELY LOVES WWX! That was never not true or questionnable. What people tend to forget it that JC sacrificed so much and endured as much torment and pain as WWX but clearly the hate is more into him because of the simple fact that WWX is dead and JC is not, festering and developing into an angry and brusque character. The fact that WWX ‘died’ can be likened that he was absolved of his sins (though never pardoned) but JC was the one who lived through 13 years of purposefully being left out, intentionally being discared and abandoned (even if it was for his own good) and struggled to balance everything an adult still has trouble managing on his slender shoulders ALL ALONE. Don’t you all go hatin on JC for how he treats WWX, its understandable and WWX (and even LWJ) is not blameless for everything that’s happened.

    June 24, 2020
  • To be fair, I have never hated Jiang Cheng, even before I knew his backstory. To me he was a complex character with plenty of flaws. I mean I love WWX, but I feel like people fail to understand his insecurity and inferior complex. His father always favored WWX above him, his mother constantly compared him to WWX, and his brother turned his back to him, the promise of becoming his right hand and staying forever by his side broken. His sister died, his clan and family slaughtered, he lost his golden core, the rumours about his brother weighing down on him, and the ultimate demise of his sister and brother-in-law put the final nail in the coffin. Plus he was young when he was thrown into war and conflict. What else did you expect from him? Not everyone can be perfect you know.

    July 24, 2020
  • i honestly didn’t like him at first because he appeared rather ruthless and i was almost positive that he was one of the villains, but i eventually learned to love him even more so than i liked wei wuxian.

    towards the whole situation, i can only say that all of them are equally flawed.

    however, the comment there saying jiang cheng killed wei wuxian is not really true, in the novel at least. yes, he led the siege but he did not kill him. wei wuxian’s powers backfired in the novel.

    and he never stood up for him? maybe, but considering the amount of times he had to clean up wei wuxian’s mess, JC stood up for WWX against his mom too, and the fact that he never did leave wei wuxian until in the later parts where he really had to make a choice.

    yes, there are a lot of things to hate about jiang cheng, but the most things related to wei wuxian, no.

    he’s misunderstood, but at the same time, his character is underdeveloped, really. in fact, a lot of the characters are undeveloped at the later parts of the story because it started to focus more on romance. and. it feels like he’s that character used to boost the main protagonist.

    but anyways, more and more people are actually loving him, so that’s fine.

    July 31, 2020
  • One thing that frustrates me about JC’s character is his overall stubbornness, and how he refuses to see that things aren’t just black and white. Even after WWX comes back from the dead, he still blames him for the attack on Lotus Pier, despite WWX not being responsible for that. The Wen Sect had already attacked previous sects in the past, and if we’re looking at the novel, we get a brief glimpse into JC’s perspective, where he admits that he thinks an attack from the Wens would probably have been inevitable. I’m fine with him losing control in the moment because he was a child that had just lost his family, but he holds this same opinion years later as an adult. Not to mention, when the Wens attacked his mother deliberately antagonised them and didn’t even try to handle the situation diplomatically despite being in charge of the Sect – yet JC seems to fully blame WWX for it. Maybe he doesn’t really believe this deep down, but he’s a grown adult and it’s getting kind of exhausting

    August 11, 2020
  • Im a Jiang Cheng fan but don’t think it’s right to simultaneously hero worship WW while demonising JC or hero worship JC while demonising WW.
    First there was a lot of JC hate for standing by while the more powerful aspects, or rather the Jin sect attacked WW and the Wen Remnants. Not only was JC building a sect up from the ground, he was doing it alone, heavily reliant on the Jin, whom Yanli was going to marry into and hes young and the Jin are the most powerful. JC chose his own sect, because it’s his sect, he is the sect leader. No one can expect him to do any different. Jin Guangyao and Jin Guangshan manipulated the entire cultivation world into hating we, and yes, its arguable that JC should have had more faith in his brother, but you also have to think about the fact that JC has no idea what the fudge is going on with ww. He doesn’t know what happened in the burial mounds, he does t know that WW CAN’T follow the righteous path anymore, he doesn’t know that he owes Wen Qing and Wen Ning. And his brother who promised to stay by his side is acting out in a way that he can’t defend not only cuz he’s not in a position to but because he himself doesn’t understand. Becoming corrupted by resentful energy is an actual thing, and to everyone looking in from the outside it was easy to believe that WW was going crazy because he didnt give them reason to think otherwise. To anyone not knowing what ww knows his behaviour DOES seem arrogant and that type of arrogance combined with his power is something to be feared. JC or anyone really had no way of knowing that ww lost control of Wen Ning cuz of someone else’s intervention. The fact that he lost co trol, and killed his brother in law was proof of what the Jin Sect claimed.
    Simultaneously Wei Ying is not a bad person, he was just doing the right thing, but the way he went about it, was stupid. Moreover, the fact that the other clans stood by….Gusu and Yunmeng, especially Yunmeng let’s say that they were powerless? But the Nie Clan was definitely could have opposed it, it’s just nie mingjue wanted them all dead from what I remember. But yeah ww made a bunch of mistakes, not considering the consequences of the way he went about things and the secrets he kept. But JCs pride and anger definitely made him more suspictable to JGYs manipulation. As for the killing tabloid thig, no it was not directly ww fault, I think JC just needed someone to blame and he was already mad at WW for abandoning him and in JCs view driving it all to this. And I think he held on to that view because the alternative would have broken him, and he couldnt afford that with JL to raise. And something I definitely dont like about the Untamed is how it had JC stabbing that rock. I men yes WW would have died anyway there’s no way he wouldn’t have either been taken over by the resentful energy or killed by the jin, but in the novel he does because of the backlash from destroying the tiger seal, even though everyone thinks JC killed him.
    But yeah in the end both of them did wrong things, both of them have their own sides and that’s what makes the story interesting. jC is not like ww, he would choose his family and clan over strangers, even if it was the wrong thing to do, while ww would protect his family but also leave them to protect strangers. Neither is inherently bad because both make sense.

    October 28, 2020
    • Pfft. I’m baffled.

      Firstly, everyone loves WWX a little too much and refuse to see JC’s sufferings and his feelings. Of course, WWX is lovable since he’s the MC and we got to see his sufferings and know his feelings. But that’s not the case with JC, you never knew how a child who grew up with neglectful parent felt. He had to sent away his dogs upon WWX arrival coz he’s scared of them.

      I know someone who has almost the same situation as him and they always told me they wanted to die since they don’t feel worthy enough to live in their house. Since their parents strikingly differentiate how they treat them and their siblings. So please, don’t take what JC experience lightly. Try asking yourselves what you’d do of you were in JC’s shoes. Would you let it be and even befriend him? I even thought JC would kill WWX after the massacre, believing that WWX played a fault in it, but he didn’t! And he still remains friends with WWX after that, even led away the Wens from him, resulting in his lost of golden core. Then he asked his shijie to ask WWX for JL’s courtesy name. Doesn’t that mean his love for him is greater than his hatred coz of his envy? And I would hate you if you hate his inferiority complex and you ever hated your parents for comparing you to the neighbour kid. Don’t be a hypocrite.

      And I’m about to ask you a question I never knew the answer to till this day:
      If WWX is so righteous and kind as you’ve all said, why did he remained in the Jiang’s household even tho he knew what his presence there meant to JC, JFM, and YZY? Seeing how kind he is, at the start, I was expecting him to defect (before the massacre) because he felt guilty for what JC had to felt but no, he didn’t! He literally knew he added fuel to the fire but he never solved this problem, only comforting JC with words and promises which he even broke the latter. “He didn’t broke his promise!” you said? He literally NEVER listened to JC who told him to not do this and that! What subordinate did that?! “But WWX sacrificed so much more than he did!” that’s what it seems to you because you’re not in JC’s shoes! He sacrificed his father’s love! He sacrificed his dogs! He sacrificed his life then lost his golden core which WWX did for him as well! We don’t know what else he sacrificed growing up with JFM favoring WWX more than him! Before this all dramatic things happen, what did WWX have to sacrifice for JC? Can you tell me? Come on, I’m all ears.

      Secondly, for a fact, JC is a sect leader in which both WWX and LWJ are not! They’ve all got different responsibilities, priorities, and experience so STOP TRYING TO COMPARE THEIR ACTS! Stop trying to compare what LWJ and JC did towards WWX’s acts too coz if you think for a bit, what they experience with WWX are strikingly different! LWJ aren’t the one who had been brothers with WWX and then had all his clan people massacred! Oh my god, I don’t believe I have to say this to make it clear.

      Thirdly, WQ and WN aren’t completely blameless although they never killed anyone. They are, if they only healed the civilians but that’s not the case! They healed soldiers as well. Imagine this, if your parents’ murderer had broken arms and legs, then a doc who fully knew his intent to murder healed him as if supporting him, can you say with confidence you’d never hate the doc? If it were me, I’d blast the both of them on fire. “But they saved JC and WWX!” Okay, then now they’re even. Done deal. In war, everything isn’t as easy as differentiating black and white color, baby.

      Fourthly, WWX literally grew up heroically following the Jiangs’ motto because anytime he had JFM on his back. He doesn’t know (yet) that he can’t manage everything by himself. What he did at that cave if you ask me? In my opinion, sure that’s moral but that’s foolish. He had braveness but he doesn’t have ACTUAL power, unless he’s a sect leader himself. That’s just literally asking for the Wens to kill you first when the order aren’t out yet. It’s common sense to help others, but it’s also common sense to knows one’s limitations and considering risks and your opponent’s power and personalities. What comes after is the question, which one you prioritize more? Now, imagine that your country economy is falling and you’re a father with 5 children to feed at home but you only have 1 bread for 1 whole month, then you see a homeless parentless child begging for food and God hand taught us to help the less fortunate, what will you do then?

      Neither options are wrong or right! Similiar to everything in life. That’s just differentiating two values, that of a realist (JC) and that of an idealist (WWX).

      What I’m trying to say here, is that justice is highly sought, but it’s never that simple and actually, is very hard to pinpoint. Because everyone’s got their own experience, values, priorities, responsibilities, traumas, and all. Although it’s true the saying of “that explains it, but doesn’t excuse it”. That’s why there are times when I hate JC and times when I love him. Same with WWX. Then it occurred to me just how beautiful this story is, making me sympathize with all the characters, confusing me between right and wrong (which in real life, we can relate that sometimes it’s not about right and wrong but about your values and priorities). You’d missed the beauty if you only sympathize with few characters, even sometimes missing the points which will be clear if you’d understood all their grounds.

      Broaden your mind.

      December 23, 2020
    I saw this comment that JC ‘turned on ww at the drop of a hat’and ‘believed all the rumours about ww’ and killed demonic cultivators cuz he thought they were ww
    FIRST. JC stuck with ww, and was running a sect by himself while ww was not helping at all. Refusing to carry his sword, which was a huge offense, and being generally combative and making problems when the Jiang sect could not handle problems cuz they were barely staying afloat!
    Well ww can’t help it? He didnt have his golden core?
    To everyone who is not reader it looks like ww is abandoning JC, pulling away, being changed by his cultivation method. jc doesnt even know what happened to him in the burial mounds cuz ww sure as hell didnt tell him, and with this lack of information JC, who’s still a kid and basically running a sect alone, has to draw his own conclusions.
    When ww starts defending the WEN??? JC doesnt know what he owes to WN or WQ, he couldnt defend ww before when the jin sect started questioning him about the tiger seal because JC himself doesnt know why ww is acting the way he is, JC cant tell the Jin to fuck off because at that point they were the most powerful sect and Yanli might have even married in at one point.
    JC stuck around u till he had to choose, a d he chose his sect, which he was responsible for, his family over the Wens and yes that may not have been morally righteous but he can’t be blamed for that. Because WW asked him to kick him out, the both of them are idiots cuz I mean I’m sure they could have figured out some other alternative but NEITHER or them were very communicative so welp.
    And also since WW who said he’d stand by him is suddenly not next to him, suddenly a different person what else other than rumours does JC have to go on? What did WW do to disprove the rumours to JC? While he knows is the way he is.
    And yes the demonic cultivator torture is like morbid and horrible that I agree with, but also co sider the fact that that itself is also a rumour, we dont know wth jc wanted cuz everyone was underdeveloped in the latter bit cuz the novel focused on wangxian. But again considering that to JC at least, ww seemed to have gone crazy and evil is it that much of a surprise that he’s looking for him? I dont agree with his killing spree tho that’s kinda psychotic.
    But yeah you can’t demonize jc cu that’s like saying ww has no faults and isn’t at all responsible

    October 28, 2020
  • people defending jc here actually makes me hate him more

    September 30, 2021
  • I just have a hard time defending a guy who leads a siege to murder a group of civilians. When he visited the BM for the first time, A-Yuan clang to his leg but JC admitted to himself that A-Yuan was a cute toddler but that he only saw a Wen dog. He asked WW to leave the BM so that he, JC could kill them all and fix the problem.

    Then JC has a chance to explain why WW is helping Wen Quin and her brother but he chooses not to, just because JGH plays with his insecurities. Next, he says in front of all the clans that Wei Wuxian has declared himself the enemy of the cultivation world. He could have said that WW was farming the land and wanted to be left alone, but instead he named him “the enemy of the cultivation world”.

    Finally, he led the siage to murder WW and the Wen, knowing there was a toddler among them and not giving a shit. It was thanks to Wen Quin and Wen Ning that he was able to burry his own parents, but he doesn’t extend the same cortesy to the Wen he slaughters, throwing their bodies to the blood pool.

    But this that’s not give him clousure. Instead of moving on, he keeps hanging to his hatred of WW, blaming him for his unhappiness, and torturing people to death just because they resemble him.

    At this point, he knows they are not WW. In fact, once he captured WW he tortures him but makes not move to kill him (my mom has phobia to feathers and believe me, what JC does to WW is torture). He doesn’t want to kill WW again, he wants him to suffer, to apologize, to go back to being his servant/brother. But these other people, he kills them because it’s therapeutic for him.

    As a Sect Leader, he has a duty to help his people, but he doesn’t dispatch cultivator unless someone has already died. People are too afraid of him to ask him for help.

    This man is not a good person, no matter how I look at it.

    I read the novel carefully, and I don’t believe JF favored WW over his own son. I get the opposite feeling. There are many time when JF is trying to teach JC how to be a good leader, how to follow the Jiang motto, but JC rejects him because his mind has being poisoned by his mother, She is the only who believes JF favors WW and doesn’t love JC, when in reality JF was never in love with her, didn’t want to marry her, was forced to marry her, and never love her. But he loved his children.

    There is no one hint in the novel that JF favored WW over JC, other than JC’s feelings and inner thoughts. It was all his mother’s words. She did irreparable damage to him.

    But that’s not a excuse. I don’t believe a sad childhood and childhood trauma is an excuse to hurt others. I also had many family issues in my childhood/teenagers years, having thought at one point of killing myself to escape a situation beyond my control, but I don’t use that as an excuse to be cruel in my adult years. At some point we all have to grow and account for our choices. LZ did. JC didn’t.

    Ps. I don’t dislike JC more than, let’s say, LX. And both are fascinating characters. Sure, JC is meaner, but LX is guilty of many crimes by association/inaction. Both took the easy way, and both pay for it. At the end of the novel, of the older generation, everyone was punished by their mistakes. JC ends up alone and LX ends up in seclusion. They lie they had told themselves for thirteen years (that WW was to blame for everything and that JGY had a good reason to slaughter entire clans) no longer hold. It’s only LZ and WX that have a happy ending, a reward for standing by what’s right no matter what.

    The Junior Generation sees the horror and cruelty of the older generation and choose to make a different stand. So there’s still hope in the cultivation world.

    February 14, 2022

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