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Tana Mongeau is back in the storytime saddle and her fans couldn’t be more thrilled. How did Twitter react to the recent Mongeau scandal?

Tana Mongeau did a “storytime vlog” again and Twitter is losing it

Tana Mongeau is back in the storytime saddle and her fans couldn’t be more thrilled. The young internet personality released a new entry in her unofficial series of YouTube “storytime” videos and, in classic Mongeau fashion, prompted all sorts of reactions from her Twitter followers.

The new video, intriguingly titled “I CAUGHT MY BESTFRIEND HOOKING UP WITH MY MAN: a storytime/rant/scandal”, was posted on December 7th and has already amassed over a million views in just a few days – par for the course when it comes to Tana Mongeau’s channel. The vlog detailed a story of betrayal & heartbreak in that very specific Mongeau way: with lots of digressions & aggressive introspection.

With “bestfriends” like these . . .

The lurid new Tana Mongeau tale that set Twitter on fire stars three players: Mindy, Jeff, and Mongeau herself. Mindy & Jeff are pseudonyms, their real names changed by Tana Mongeau in order to protect their reputations (and avoid getting in trouble herself – defamation is a thing, kids!). Mindy was the so-called “bestfriend” and Josh was, you guessed it, Mongeau’s “man”.

As the story goes, Tana Mongeau had a relationship with Josh but noticed Mindy was paying a little too much attention to him. Fast-forward to a fateful evening where Mongeau caught both of them getting down & dirty in her own house (in her own movie room!). The betrayal caused the end of a relationship & friendship but gave birth to a popular video for Twitter to go ga-ga for, so you could say it all worked out.

The thirty-five-minute-long video covered more than just the sordid going-ons between Mindy & Josh. Tana Mongeau also took time to talk about her experience being the kind of woman musicians write songs about after a break-up. Once again, Mongeau avoided dropping real names and instead simply alluded to her breakup with a rapper. A mean, bitter rapper who later released a hateful song about her.

Twitter avalanche

You can always count on Twitter users to provide a wide range of enthusiastic responses, especially if you’re a personality like Tana Mongeau. Behold a small sample of tweets prompted by Mongeau’s most recent storytime post.


For many people, a new Tana Mongeau storytime video was like finding an oasis in the vast desert that is the year 2020. It’s been too long since her last one, clearly.

It’s easy to understand Tana Mongeau’s YouTube’s metrics when you realize she is, indeed, the highlight of many people’s days.


Bad, bad Mindy. You just don’t do that to people and you most definitely don’t do that to someone as beloved as Tana Mongeau. Also, come on, the movie room? So tacky.

Tana Mongeau’s fans are willing to put themselves through years of law school studies just to help her exact revenge on her enemies. That’s dedication.

Sleuthing – part one

It didn’t take long for Tana Mongeau’s Twitter fans to figure out who the rapper in the story is. Some were so eager to have the full context for the story, they couldn’t even finish the storytime video the first time around.

While Mongeau has neither confirmed nor denied it, everybody’s pretty certain the ex she refers to in the video is rapper Mod Sun and the song written about her is “Karma”.

Sleuthing – part two

Once again, no confirmation from Tana Mongeau, but Twitter quickly Veronica-Mars’d its way through her online interactions and reached some conclusions. Apparently, “Mindy” is TikToker Brooke Schofield while “Jeff” is Hellstar Studios’ Josh Grekin.

Wonder how many followers Mod Sun, Grekin, and Schofield gained thanks to this bit of viral outrage? They can thank Tana Mongeau and her fans.

Reality checks

Not everybody on Twitter was entirely sympathetic with Tana Mongeau’s “worst week” video. Some people just have a hard time feeling truly sorry for celebrities, whatcha gonna do?

2020 is a particularly competitive year when it comes to stories about having a truly terrible time. Tana Mongeau must have known this but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t share her pain anyway.


Of course, because it’s Twitter, some read between the lines and realized Tana Mongeau is single again. Have some class, guys.

Honestly, if there’s ever an official application, we are sure there’ll be a link on her profile. Tana Mongeau is resourceful like that.

We might be seeing more storytime videos from Tana Mongeau soon, as she claims to be back for good on her YouTube channel. Time, and Twitter, will tell. Are you a fan? Let us know in the comments!

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