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Original Netflix series 'Sweet Tooth' scores a season 2 renewal with the streamer. Enjoy the reactions from Twitter.

‘Sweet Tooth’ has been renewed: What about these Netflix Original series?

It looks like Netflix has a hankering for more sweets. Sweet Tooth, the post-apocalyptic fairy tale based on the comic of the same name, has scored a season 2 renewal with the streamer. As a refresher, Sweet Tooth follows an animal-human hybrid kid named Gus (Christian Conver) as he journeys with Big Man (Nonso Anozie) to find his long-lost mother in Colorado.

Sweet Tooth was a hit for Netflix earning critical acclaim and high viewership from audiences. So, honestly, the renewal isn’t that big of a surprise. It’s also nice to see Netflix renewing one of their original series rather than cancelling it. Not that we know when they’ll drop the renewals or cancellation for their original series either. Netflix just kind of appears randomly, makes the pronouncement, and disappears.

So how are fans feeling about the Sweet Tooth renewal? Are they happy to hear it or do they wish another original Netflix series got a boost instead? Let’s see what they think!



The Sweet Tooth cast literally found out they got renewed with a chocolate bar. This is correct.



Would you look at the size of that thing!


Give us the wholesome

We need something wholesome please and thanks



Correct meme usage.



It’s definitely the news that many were hoping to hear. Not that Netflix always makes the correct decisions about its original series. 


It hits after 2020

Definitely check out Sweet Tooth for a good watch.



Quality instead of quantity wins the day, Netflix! Keep that in mind for the next original series.


Smiles all around in the DC fandom

DC fans are having a good week!


Give us something to enjoy! 

The general vibe right now.


Heart full


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