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'Supernatural' has been a TV staple for two decades. Test how much you know about the show with our quiz!

Think you can tackle the ‘Supernatural’? Take our show quiz now!

Supernatural has been a fourteen-season journey. The idea of the show ending has got many fans already reaching for the tissues. Let’s see if our Supernatural quiz can cheer you up!

Supernatural, once just a story about two brothers hunting creatures that went bump in the night, bloomed into a story about family, faith and connection. It has made us laugh and broken our hearts for so many years. Now, the showrunners are delivering the final blow: having us say goodbye to Dean and Sam as they face off with their biggest threat yet.

]To combat the feels, grab your salt plus your siblings and see if your knowledge of Supernatural can carry your wayward soul on. Don’t forget to tweet us your score at @FilmDaily.

Let your knowledge of the Winchesters carry your wayward soul on. Take our ‘Supernatural’ quiz!

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