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'Supernatural' stans are convinced The CW censored the true ending between Dean and Cas' story, and are getting vocal on social media.

‘Supernatural’: Did Dean tell Cas “I love you”? The latest fan conspiracy

Let’s talk about the Supernatural series finale, shall we? Because something for fans is smelling very fishy in regard to it. Yes, we’re talking about Destiel here, people. So hang on as we share this latest fan conspiracy because there’s something rotten in the state of Lawrence, Kansas or The CW, whichever sounds better for you to hear. But this is definitely a wild ride either way.

Here’s the latest Supernatural conspiracy theory out there about the season finale. It’s a pretty wild ride, folks. Now, as you remember, the eighteenth episode of the season was called “Despair”. Originally, however, it was called “The Truth”. Now why has this changed? We don’t really know, but it’s definitely odd that the title changed over the interim.

'Supernatural' stans are convinced The CW censored the true ending between Dean and Cas' story, and are getting vocal on social media.

We’ve all seen the memes about how…rough that love confession Castiel (Misha Collins) gave Dean (Jensen Ackles). Like. Wow. According to Jensen Ackles, this scene was pretty heavily edited. He said that there were more reactions and talking from Dean in this scene as well. People are thinking that the scene was edited to exclude Dean saying “I love you too” to Cas.

That brings us to the Spanish language dub of Supernatural. In the dub for “Despair”, Dean is heard saying “Yo a ti, Cas”. Basically, it’s a reciprocation, which validates Supernatural on a whole other level. Fans are using this as evidence that Dean was supposed to have reciprocated Cas’ feelings. Now fans are thinking there’s a cover-up over at The CW that Destiel was supposed to be a reciprocated canon romance.

According to Ackles again, who has been radio silent since the finale and hadn’t even gotten into the celebratory atmosphere for it at all, things were cut out in a big, big way from how they were originally supposed to go before the COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down. 

Misha Collins has been pretty salty on social media as well. No one can say anything right now because of NDAs. Ackles, however, did say in his Dean costume that he would be happy to return for a revival. He and his wife Daneel have formed a production company together, which has fans believing that he’s trying to get the rights for Supernatural in order to do the original ending.

'Supernatural' stans are convinced The CW censored the true ending between Dean and Cas' story, and are getting vocal on social media.

2020 was already a wild year, people. This just made it wilder. Now unless someone breaks their silence about the finale and spills the tea, then all of this is speculation at this time. But there’s clearly something going on because that finale was busted so there’s something not right going on here.

Fans have taken to Twitter using the hashtag #TheySilencedThem in order to share their outrage. Here are some of the tweets. 

1. Someone tell us something

Tell us what went down, CW! Tell us what went down! This isn’t out of character for you, CW. We remember Clexa. 

2. No people aren’t going to forget this

Seriously, people are going to be losing their damn minds over what happened with the Spanish-language dub for years at this point. 

3. You have a lot to answer for CW

People are pissed at The CW as they should be! Because there was some other plan going down.

4. P-R-O-B-L-E-M-A-T-I-C

Over the course of 15 seasons, Supernatural has killed a lot of their out LGBTQ+ characters whether they were out or heavily coded as such. That’s not on top of the misogyny, people with disabilities, and how people of other races were handled in the series, if we’re being honest. It’s more than a ship at this point.

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