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Could Stassi Schroeder still get a new reality show amid the controversy? Learn about the scandal rocking her net worth right now.

Will Stassi Schroeder’s rumoured new TV show boost her net worth?

Since The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we’ve loved watching the drama unfold. The spinoff Vanderpump Rules, starring voice of reason Laci Vanderpump, gave us new salacious looks at the show. Vanderpump Rules follows Laci Vanderpump’s restaurant business and the staff who work for her. 

In “only sane woman” fashion, Laci Vanderpump cleaned house after her co-stars tweeted some racially insensitive remarks. Stassi Schroeder was fired from the show after she and three other cast members tweeted inappropriate things and did some racially insensitive stuff. 

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the protests that ensued, keeping cast members on with a racist past was more of a liability than an asset. Laci Vanderpump decided to fire four of her show members, including Stassi Schroeder for their past behavior.

There won’t be a TV show

Reports of Stassi Schroeder’s new show came from Page Six, which reported August 20 that Schroeder could have a spinoff away from Bravo, the network who also severed ties with her. While she had her own digital show before, Basically Stassi which aired in November 2019, the rumors are unfounded. 

“I’ve been asked repeatedly and unfortunately it’s not true, false rumor, I work closely with @evolutionusa no authenticity to story regarding spin-off for Stassi Schroeder,” Vanderpump elaborated in a tweet. 

With no show to save her, Stassi Schroeder’s net worth is taking a big hit. Schroeder has a net worth of $2 million from her time on Vanderpump Rules, and a book she wrote, Next Level Basic. However, the well may have dried up due to some racist behavior Schroeder exhibited in the past. 

Bad tweets

In 2018, Stassi Schroeder came under fire for describing an outfit she wore as “Nazi chic” on social media. She and other co stars also gave Faith Stowers, their black co-star a hard time due to her race, calling her a “nappy-headed hoe” on a podcast. 

Stassi Schroeder, who’s often portrayed as the show’s drama queen, issued a public apology. According to a source, she didn’t reach out to Faye Stowers personally. 

Stassi Schroeder’s bad actions

Apart from insensitive tweets, Stassi Schroeder also did something racist and potentially life-threatening. Former cast member Faith Stowers revealed that Stassi Schroeder and her co-star Kristen Doute called the police on her for a crime she didn’t commit. Costars also said Stowers was AWOL from the army when she was honorably discharged. 

Allegedly, calling the police was revenge for Stowers sleeping with costar Jax Taylor. Schroeder & Doute saw a tabloid about a black woman who had committed theft and decided to call the cops, pointing to Stowers as a suspect. In the wake of George Floyd and other killings by police, we know that calling the cops can be a death sentence. 

Stowers recalls Schroeder & Doute verbally berating her and making racist remarks, calling her hair “nappy” during an incident. Jax Taylor also spread lies about Stower, tweeting: “wanted by the police for grand theft auto and ‘awol’ from the military, bad idea to be on a reality show dude. Someone’s going to jail.”

Four People were fired

Bravo, the channel hosting Vanderpump Rules, fired four cast members. They fired Schroeder & Doute for the racism above, then fired Max Boyels & Brett Caprioni after racist tweets they made resurfaced, including tweets from Caproni where he used the n-word. 

“Bravo and Evolution Media confirmed today that Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni will not be returning to Vanderpump Rules,” they said in a brief statement. 

Lisa Vanderpump elaborated, saying she reached out to Stassi Schoeder & her costars and believes they learned their lesson. However, she told Entertainment Tonight that she believes in a “zero-tolerance” policy regarding racism in entertainment. 

“I think it’s sad, really, what happened, because I do think that people can learn from their mistakes, and I’m all about that,” Vanderpump elaborated. 

Stassi Schroeder lost more than her spot on the show

After Stassi Schroeder was fired, she lost more than her spot on the show. She lost agency representation and book deals. A source from US Weekly said Schroeder “lost a lot of money from losing sponsorships and paid opportunities.” Obviously, this chipped away at her net worth. 

The source also said that Schroeder was shocked that she was fired in the first place. Days before her ousting, she was on US Weekly, answering questions about meeting new cast members and even commenting on co-star Max Boyens’ racist tweets. 

“That (Boyens’ tweets) can’t not affect how you think of someone and those tweets were just awful,” Schroeder said to US Weekly in a videotaped interview. “They’re awful and not ok, but I don’t know them that well,” she added. 

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