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Nearly half the cast of 'Vanderpump Rules' being fired after racist tweets and incidents. Here's why Jax Taylor is the worst.

Jax Taylor from ‘Vanderpump Rules’: Why he is the absolute worst

It seems as of late that reality TV is just a cesspool of crappy people desperate for attention. Case in point: nearly half the cast of Vanderpump Rules being fired after racist tweets and incidents. But there’s one cast member that still has a job who shouldn’t.

Though these events, stories about Jax Taylor have come up from several co-stars about his behavior and attitude. Twitter has been fighting to get Bravo to kick Taylor off the show as well due to recent events, though no word has been said yet if he’ll be on the next season or not. 

In case you have been under a rock and missed all the incidents, we’ve gathered up all the reasons Jax Taylor is a terrible person for you real quick. If you thought the Kristen Doute story was bad, wait until you hear Jax’s story about Faith Stowers. 

Calling Faith Stowers a criminal 

Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder may have called the cops on Stowers, but it was Taylor who kept tweeting about Stowers “crimes” and saying she deserved jail time, not a more permanent spot on Vanderpump Rules

The December 2017 tweet claimed that police were looking for Stowers for “grand theft auto and AWOL from the military”. On top of all this, Taylor cheated on his now wife Brittany Cartwright with Stowers, yet put the blame on her, not himself. Clearly, he just wants to attack her since she’s the easy target. 

Refusing to film with trans co-star Billie Lee

Appearing in season six, Billie Lee has opened up about her awful experiences on Vanderpump Rules, and put a lot of the blame on Jax Taylor’s treatment of her. While on camera, he was friendly and supportive, off-camera he constantly made comments that made her feel less of herself. 

In an interview with Page Six, Lee spoke about the environment on set. “He said, ‘Yeah, I didn’t want you around because I don’t want everything I worked hard for to be taken away. We shouldn’t have to tippy toe around Billie because she’s trans,’” Clearly, that worked out great for him as he’s being cancelled now. 

Harassing messages to 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Smith

As everyone was talking about their experiences with Taylor, the TLC star revealed the nasty DMs Taylor has sent her in the past. Calling her “poor white trash” and threatening her family, Taylor made it clear he doesn’t care for the reality star. 

Even going as far to say that “everyone at TLC they all make fun of you”, Taylor rubbed in the hurt through his messages. Naturally, Smith is joining in on the calls for Taylor to get canned off of Vanderpump Rules


His behavior on the Vanderpump Rules reunion

Even before all the firing drama went down, fans were already sick of Jax Taylor thanks to his behavior on part three of the Vanderpump Rules reunion special. It was clear he just wanted to start drama and didn’t care about what his co-stars were saying.

From laughing at Ariana Madix’s confession of depression this past season, to when he tried to call out host Andy Cohen for singling him out just because “he doesn’t like him,” fans wanted him gone after the reunion. This isn’t a “work-in-progress” anymore, this is a grown manchild who people make excuses for. 

Bites the hand that feeds him after a messy 8th season

Fans of Vanderpump Rules also took issue with the way Jax Taylor was handling the drama of season 8. Many fans found the constant bickering annoying, and Taylor responded claiming it was the new cast members and editors to blame. 

While he makes a fair point to tell people to not take the show so seriously, he ends up sounding hypocritical as he’s complaining about all the arguing the cameras have been capturing. Even Jax Taylor is sick of Vanderpump Rules at this point, so Bravo would be doing everyone a favor if he cuts him out of the picture and fires him.

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