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'Vanderpump Rules' is what you get when a soap opera & a reality show merge. Here's all that's wrong with the 'Vanderpump Rules' cast.

The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ cast are the worst: All the reasons why

Vanderpump Rules is what you get when a soap opera & a reality show merge to produce an unholy offspring that demands a dramatic sacrifice every ten and a half minutes. Vanderpump Rules gives us scandalous affairs, juicy breakups, and epic showdowns to appease any drama-hungry, tea-thirsty viewers. 

The cast of Vanderpump Rules is cobbled together from some of the most vain, dysfunctional people that West Hollywood has to offer. Vanderpump Rules follows the employees at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR as they engage in business & pleasure as well as a fair amount of backstabbing. Here are some of the cast of the show and the reasons why they’re just the worst. 

Jax Taylor

Hands down the worst of the worst cast members on Vanderpump Rules is Jax Taylor. Jax has the worst track record when it comes to lying, backstabbing, and manipulating even those closest to him. He’s been in & out of jail for fighting, DUI’s, and theft and even went as far as to sleep with his girlfriend’s best friend. 

Jax recently married his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, and appeared to have left his wild ways but that didn’t stop him from being insufferable through the entire engagement & wedding. 

Kristen Doute

Looking for the personification of the goddess of vengeance? Look no further than Kristen Doute who has a nasty habit of getting back at her exes by undermining their current relationships. She’s also backstabbed Stassi Schroeder twice by sleeping with Stassi’s ex and also her boyfriend. 

Kristen’s relationships are doomed to be dysfunctional and her toxic behavior alienates her from any friends she had, including Stassi & Katie Maloney-Schwartz. 

James Kennedy

James is what may be referred to as a “top-tier douchebag”. James has a deluded self-confidence that made him a lot of enemies, which only worsens when he downs a few drinks. James was an aspiring DJ and refers to himself as the “white Kanye” (as if we needed another rich guy with a god complex). James, it must be noted, also displays extremely degrading behavior towards women. 

Scheana Shay

If anyone has a flair for drama it’s Scheana Shay. She stirs the pot every chance she gets, even bringing up her ex-husband’s drug problem on national TV. She established herself as a homewrecker when her affair with Brandi Glanville’s husband was exposed. 

Scheana Shay has been such a toxic member of the group that more often than not, she finds herself on the outside looking in. 

Katie Maloney-Schwartz

The current top mean-girl of the Vanderpump Rules cast is Katie Maloney-Schwartz. Her weapon of choice when it comes to taking down her enemies is spreading vicious rumors, including some about LaLa Kent in season 4. Katie even exhibited transphobic behavior when she purposely excluded cast member Billie Lee from an event. 

Katie’s bullying extends beyond her rivals and affects her husband Tom Schwartz who she constantly emasculates. Tom Schwartz’s best friend, Tom Sandoval, has referred to Tom’s position as an “abused wife” under Katie’s thumb. 

Stassi Schroeder 

Stassi isn’t the worst of the bunch of bad apples, she’s certainly grown a lot during her time on the show, but we know Stassi isn’t a saint either. The bad behavior on her part included bullying a recovering drug addict as well as slapping her supposed friend, Kristen across the face. She’s even made an unsuccessful sex tape and it could be that a large part of her destructive force came from a series of bad relationships.

It was recently revealed that Stassi was fired from Vanderpump Rules after a fallout with Bravo. Hopefully this means that Stassi will move from a destructive pattern and she and her husband Beau can focus on having their first child together.

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  • Stassi is way worse than Schena or Katie…

    October 14, 2020

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