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'Shadowhunters' is a broken series that left us with a broken heart. Its producers revealed what the Shadowfam might have had in store for season 4.

What the Shadowfam missed out on for ‘Shadowhunters’ season 4

Despite our efforts to save Shadowhunters, it sadly came to an end after just three seasons. Despite billboards in Times Square and countless emails bombarding Netflix’s inbox, it just wasn’t meant to be. 

That doesn’t mean the Shadowfam have given up – and neither has Film Daily. With news of the cancellation, the Shadowhunters team had to narrow down seasons’ worth of content into a few episodes. Some of the Shadowfam were left disappointed at how their favorite characters’ stories remained untold. 

Shadowhunters is the show that got away (cue Katy Perry song), yet fans are relentless in their pursuit for redemption. The Shadowhunters creators have actually revealed what would’ve been in store for them. We don’t know if this broken series story could get any more heartbreaking.

#Sizzy’s love story

Sizzy stans got their happy ending – but not in the way the creators nor fans wanted. Izzy and Simon’s relationship was a constant back-and-forth throughout Shadowhunters’s seasons. Even though they had various love interests, the Shadowfam didn’t give up hope.

There’s romantic tension between Izzy and Simon from the Shadowhunters pilot. Izzy even describes Simon as “nerd hot”. (She does have a point.) Executive producers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer both spoke with ET about their plans for the couple. 

Due to Shadowhunters being cut short, the romance between Sizzy was rushed. “We were patiently building to this relationship that was going to have a lot of depth and go on for seasons,” Swimmer told E.W.

Simon and Izzy confessed their desire for each other and Sizzy stans rejoiced. If there was to be a Shadowhunters S4, Sizzy’s romance would’ve been a lot more painstakingly agonizing, spread out across several seasons. Slavkin and Swimmer were even planning on the two kissing during the finale, but decided against it.

Rest in peace, Seelie Queen?

The Seelie Queen’s death was something the executive producers did not expect to happen so early. Jonathan was responsible for the Queen’s death and the Shadowfam were unable to see more of this ruthless character. 

According to Slavkin and Swimmer, the Seelie Queen’s metamorphosis was going to take a lot longer; who knows what else the Seelie Queen had in store? Would she have got more couples kissing – or just continued being her manipulative self in more hardcore ways? We’ll never find out, now.

Malec’s wedding

Time for the waterworks. Does the concept that Malec’s wedding could’ve been even better strike you as impossible? Apparently, it’s not. Shadowhunters’s executive producers report that even with the success of the Malec wedding scene, fans could’ve got so much more.

The wedding might have received a lot more planning and been even more lavish. Slavik conjectured to E.W.: “That would’ve taken time. The wedding would not have happened the same day.”

Even more Malec sounds too good to be true. With their future untold, who knows what could happen to one of the hottest ships around?

But wait – there’s more!

The trip to Edom in order to save Magnus is an amazing scene showing an “Alliance” between our favorite characters. The original ending of S3 was in fact going to show Magnus proposing to Alec (still not over it) and leaving for Edom. 

However, our favorite characters working together to save Magnus from Edom was not going to be played through in just one episode. Swimmer revealed to TVLine that “everyone going to Edom to save Magnus was going to be a multi-episode journey” in S4.

S4 would have given another couple much deserved attention: Helen & Aline. Their love story is extremely rushed due to the circumstances, and fans were disappointed by this. 

Helen and Aline are another amazing representation for the LGBTQ+ community. The Shadowfam would’ve been able to see a potential wedding and a lot more from the couple.

Looks like a fourth season of Shadowhunters may not be possible at this time – however, there was no immediate denial of a possible movie! So let’s keep everything crossed that this dream is made into a reality.

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