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We’ve got plenty of ideas on how to save 'Gotham', but today we’re focusing on what the fans thought of the finale with some direct quotes.

Save ‘Gotham’: The real fight begins as the fans speak

Spoiler alert: if you haven’t seen the final episode of Gotham yet, wait to read this article.

Last year was especially brutal for television fans and bingewatchers. We’re standing with excellent cancelled shows this year in hopes of saving what deserves a second chance.

The majority of these series have enjoyed viewing figures far beyond their initial Nielsen ratings, an outdated method of record-keeping that is totally archaic when considering the vast swathes of fans watching on catchup services or binging entire seasons in extended weekends of Netflix-gazing.

Gotham is an innovative show based on DC Comics characters and produced by Warner Bros. Television. The Batman origin narrative helped us rapt viewers understand how our favorite heroes (Batman) and villains (The Joker, Penguin) came to be the way they are. It also casts a light on just how Gotham City became the wretched crime-filled cesspool we all know & love.

Despite general network issues (the old “being moved to a much worse timeslot” thing), Gotham’s rabid fanbase managed to rally Fox into renewing the show for a fifth and final season – a whopping two seasons short of what the fanbase were promised.

Gotham certainly doesn’t have a shortage of fans or viewers but Fox, like many networks before, has been using the outdated Neilsen rating system to make decisions about shows’ popularity. Let’s be serious: who under the age of 70 actually watches live TV anymore?

Because Gotham is a Warner Bros. production, not a Fox property, sadly the show was less lucrative and more expendable for the network. The show being packaged with the hot mess Lethal Weapon for advertising partnerships didn’t help either.

Last night was the evening the fandom had been dreading all year: the final episode of Gotham aired and the fans have a lot to say about it.

We’ve got plenty of ideas on how Gotham could be saved, but today we’re focusing on what the fans thought of the finale. TV execs: prick up your ears. Don’t you want to service this incredibly passionate fandom with a continuation of the stories that they love?


Jim’s mustache might be gone now (RIP) but that doesn’t mean #Gotham has to be! Please #SaveGotham!!!

I would LOVE to see more of Miss Barbara Queen! She’ll always be amazing

What a phenomenal #Gotham finale! It really paves the way for a sequel!!! #SaveGotham


Mr. J and Batman need an official showdown! We’ve waited 5 years! #SaveGotham

I grew up with Batman. Batman has always been my hero. Gotham meant so much to me. It came to me at the hardest time in my life and helped me out in so many ways. I was so glad I got to see these characters come to life. I will never forget this show and what it has done for me.

Mr. Millicent Cordelia

#Gotham showed you with the finale where they’d always been heading; & they pulled off a miracle & made it happen 3 seasons early. How many miracles will it take for us to get a sequel?


“You’ll understand what happiness is”

The ’eye’ (s?) have it. The Gotham finale was AMAZING!!! All the characters fleshed out fully as their comic personas when the Bat finally arrives just screams for more! Let’s give the people what they WANT! #SaveGotham

We ARE still fighting for #Gotham

Noel Torres‏

When do we want that Gotham sequel/spin-off? You said it Pengy! Now do as the excitable Birb says…#SaveGotham


Maybe if we #SaveGotham… Tabitha can return to life and she and Babs can be Powerful Moms to Barbara Lee

Mr. Millicent Cordelia

#SaveGotham #Gotham I hope everyone noticed that Gotham trended worldwide during the finale, and in the USA, the UK, and in other countries. At times it trended above Endgame!


The episode was phenomenal. I loved seeing all of my favorite characters in their full glory. I want more of this so bad. :(


It was a brilliant episode but for a finale it felt unfinished. We got a great taste for the fully realised versions of the characters but were left with loads of unanswered questions. It made me all the more hungry for a sequel. It felt like the start of something new not an end

Matt Damsel

has SOOO many more stories to tell. The finale proved its potential to carry on the series in a new way, with the new “J”, Penguin & Riddler at the forefront. It also proved you don’t need to show Batman in full view to feel his presence.

Tam Loves Kris

The Batman Heroes and Villains were depicted fantastically and they have certainly evolved from a long way. Speaking of beginning, this is truly the beginning of a Batman show sequel spinoff, and its not necessarily the end, because there is always more to #Gotham #SaveGotham

Casper‏ @valiencasper

they have so much potential if they just continue the show!!They stopped at a good time period in the Batman universe. they could do so much with it, there is not many live action batman shows,we need this!!! #SaveGotham #Gotham @netflix @FilmDailyNews @gotham @warnerbrostv

Ellen Sunden‏

Hey Networks, you’re going to want to catch that elusive ice cream truck of an opportunity to #SaveGotham before you lose it forever!


I’m late to the party but I still want to say that this episode felt so short ! There is still so much more they could do. They can still have a Batman show without them being to young and it would be great!


We need a spin off of Gotham I don’t care if it’s on the @TheDCUniverse app please make it

Ellana Caldin

We definitely need a Batman sequel!! This can’t be just it, not when everyone keep outdoing themselves each episode and when it hets crazier by the season! #Gotham #SaveGotham

#Gotham spoilers here

Well #Gotham clearly deserved better and had earned the right to get a #batman show with its cast, they were all shining yesterday!!




After last night episode it HAS to happen! We got Cameron as a crazier Joker, we got Penguin&Riddler working together, we got Catwoman stealing, Barbara being a badass, the iconic stache and of course Batman! I’d pay to watch a Batman show in a couple years! #Gotham #SaveGotham

Kelly Heighway‏

#SaveGotham Today Gotham’s petition is now at 5,114 signed votes plz give us a #GothamSpinOff or #PenguinSpinOff


I feel really hopeful about a Batman sequel! Maybe not now but in a couple years to give David and Camren time to grow.

The finale was just too good!

#Gotham #SaveGotham

Valeska’s lil hoe‏

There’s still so much left to be discovered!! This episode was more like the tip of the iceberg. So many stories are left to be told and we deserve to know what happens next! It’s been a great season, but there’s still space for more.


The finale was awesome! It should have been much longer than 45 minutes, considering that’s how long the show is without commercials (sometimes a bit under 45 min.). Oddly short for a finale.  #Gotham #SaveGotham

'Gotham' is packed with a host of a variety of characters capable of expressing plenty of emotion, and it deserves a spot in the 2019 Bingewatch Awards.


I’m seeing more and more fans expressing their desire to #SaveGotham. Follow @LongLiveGotham for more information on how to do that and to join in our power hours every day at 5pm est. @FilmDailyNews has also helped by setting up a facebook page SaveGotham:Activists. #Gotham


it was a great glimpse into the future and felt much more like a pilot than a finale- there were so many mysteries and questions left that i think a spinoff or sequel would do well to answer!! it really shows how great a batman series could be!

Dori (gotham_lovers_ )‏

Alfred became even more handsome , loved the scene with the bomb and Cameron did an amazing acting in the ace chemical scene!  I will miss them so much! I can’t stop crying and I hope @FilmDailyNews Will help us save it!

Liz misses gotham‏

They really ended the show with a perfect beginning. This is an opportunity for a network to pick back up where they left the show or at least create a spin-off. Gotham deserves a continuation of its story.

Kelly Heighway‏

Yes, yes make it happen #GothamSpinOff

Team Widow‏

This is one of the few shows out there that would be easy to merchandise, uses a great deal of iconic symbolism, and could easily support it’s own extended universe (in the form of written material and games) in the vein of Star Wars. AMC has been squandering that potential.

Kelly Heighway

Just having one epiosde of seeing our favourite cast like this isn’t enough, WE NOW need a sequel let’s work together to get a #GothamSpinOff & make it happen.

Bird: Jim Gordon Enthusiast‏

The episode only reinforced there are more stories to tell to fill in the time gaps and possibly look to the future of @Gotham.

While I was so happy to see the time skip it only left me wanting more of #Gotham ! Gothamites aren’t ready to say goodbye! #SaveGotham

Babs || Cheers To Gotham

Thank you Gotham for being my 2nd home for 4 years. I was 16 when I tuned in. Today I’m 19, to be 20. Thank you for being my company and cheering me up. I’ll miss you. @Gotham #Gotham


it didn’t really feel like a goodbye to me, it more felt like the start of something new. it would have worked perfectly as a pilot for a batman show and after gotham managed to trend worldwide the last two times it’s a shame that @warnerbrostv let fox cancel it :(

maysa misses a lot of people‏

Im so sad to see the end of gotham, i love the show so freaking much! The ending felt like it really set up a #batmanspinoff and I would love one all the characters are portrayed so spectacularly #SaveGotham

Jimothy Gordon‏

I enjoyed it, but it didn’t feel like a finale. It felt like an introduction to an actual Batman series.


@warnerbrostv you really willing to let this amazing show die forever? why not come back in 1-2 years and give us the live action batman show with this amazing cast? #savegotham @FilmDailyNews @netflix


a show that trends worldwide should not be cancelled right?

Ed Nygma  

set up at a point where I believe there’s a lot of potential for us to see a Batman spinoff series in the future. And with the way things ended tonight, It would be idiotic not to have one.

This last episode stirred up so many emotions that I, unfortunately, can’t pack into one tweet. Though, what I can say is that it felt more like a pilot to me than a finale. There’s still a lot of background stories that need to be told and tonight’s episode was beautifully done.

Mr. Millicent Cordelia‏

The finale showed the potential that Gotham has to continue as a Batman show. There are many creative ways it could be managed, so that David and Camren can reprise their roles as Bruce and Selina. #Gotham #Batman


The episode left me feeling emotional that this could be the last episode and that’s it. I want so much for of Gotham, the only show I watch at this point that keeps my interest. I loved the final episode but I so want more! Everyone brought this show to life and deserve better!

They managed to close the series while giving it the openness of a pilot for a Batman show, which is excellent! You can see it’s still #Gotham but changed affected by the absence of Bruce! Special mention to the Joker I’d love to more characters in a sequel #SaveGotham


I wanted more!!!!!!!!!! But I felt shocked & amazing after watching the series finale of #GOTHAM

i wanted you‏

the finale was the most amazing end of tv show and it ended in a way where it could be a pilot from a batman series and it showed all that the show was picking for the last five year, in most short words, it was amazing #Gotham #SaveGotham


A well crafted show that puts time and meaning to every character. The story’s told through the characters are amazing. It’s truly a shame to let a masterpiece go. I’m going to miss every character. I loved the final. We need more.

Suzy Dakroub‏

The finale episode surpassed my expectations and confirmed how much potential it still has from the beautiful stories and character arcs created! Now that the villains have emerged as their true selves, and Batman has come back to Gotham, the possibilities are endless!#Gotham


One hour wasn’t enough time. Would love to see the story continue. Really great show.  

Bandi [Gotham Spoilers] #SaveGotham‏

Absolutely outstanding! Classy, hilarious, comedic, fashionable, emotional. I’m sad it’s over, but that episode was bloody good!


The end only left me wanting more. I want to see more from these amazing characters portrayed by even more amazing actors and actresses

missing gotham hours  

Gotham is a spectacular show with incredibly talented actors and writers.  The show has a huge loyal fanbase (as seen whenever an episode drops and it tends nationwide).  Gotham deserved the 7 season it was promised. It has so much more potential to continue being fantastic.


This show has shaped me so much as a person. Truly the greatest show I have ever seen. #SaveGotham


I could go on and on nitpicking, but it was perfectly Gotham. Operatic, grand, deliciously campy in places, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I still want more, there is still so much more that hasn’t been touched. I need a spin-off or continuation!

Noel Torres‏

Spin-off, sequel, whatever. I’m not picky ;)


Please save this amazing show, it cannot end like this, we were left with so many questions unanswered, so many plot holes not filled. We need to save Gotham, this cannot be the end


feels weird to me bc the whole reality of Gotham ending hasn’t truly hit me yet.


the finale established the perfect set up for a Batman show and it shows why gotham needs to continue!!


Amazing is not enough to describe it. Honestly it doesn’t feel like” the end ” to me. Show this to someone who has absolutely no idea that this was the final episode and I bet they would be expecting more.

But the episode does give that feeling so… it would be understandable.

Amazing is not enough to describe it. Honestly it doesn’t feel like” the end ” to me. Show this to someone who has absolutely no idea that this was the final episode and I bet they would be expecting more.

But the episode does give that feeling so… it would be understandable.


I wish I could find the words to describe my emotions, but at the moment I just feel… numb? Overwhelmed? I love this show with all my heart, and knowing there won’t be another episode hurts like hell. Gotham deserves so much better. #Gotham


The finale was amazing!! We need more !!


I need more!! It was the perfect way to bring about a spinoff series.

jenny misses gotham

i wish we got two hours! we deserved to see more batman, more penguin and riddler, more joker, and more selina!! i feel like the only way i’ll finally feel better is with a spinoff

Holly stallings

i cried after it ended i think there needs to be more written we need more penguin and riddler i also want to know more about bruce and selina when they spent time apart!


This finale was the perfect beginning for a #Batman pilot! I think it left everyone wanting to know what happens next!

In shock and wanting more!


Shocked and wanting more!! It was so good, everyone was shining!!

#Gotham #Batman

Noel Torres‏

I can’t believe this day has come the finale of Gotham. 5 Gr8 seasons. History’s been made & I think Gotham’s popularity will only continue to grow & it will be forever revered in he Batverse  #ThankYouGotham #SaveGotham

That Laugh! I got goosebumps!

Caroline Wells

Well… I’m not crying right now. Maybe I’m all cried out. Or maybe it’s like a wonderful melancholy. But I still feel this heaviness in my throat and chest. I feel proud of everyone, not just Bruce….I guess I can’t really put all I’m feeling into words right now, but if there’s a fight for this show, put my name in the ring for sure.

Louisa Yang

I feel warm inside seeing Bruce as The Batman. Seeing all these characters as who they are meant to be, made me feel so proud. The episode definitely felt like a pilot for a Batman Tv Show in the Gotham universe. It had a different feel to it but also familiar feel. when they close in on the Batman looking down on Gordon, Bullock and Alfred, tugged at my heart strings.

It was so bitter sweet. Especially with the music playing in the background. The episode was short and i think this show could add more if given the chance. Any way of getting a continuation on Gotham, count me in.

Mari Trevelyan-Simpkins

Loved every episode of season 5 including the finale, but feel we got cheated out of two and a half seasons! Plus not having David and Camren in the finale was tough. They would not have needed to be replaced if the show had run 7 seasons like it was supposed to, David would have been 20 and Camren 21.

Haley Sollinger

Such a shame the show did not get the proper amount of seasons it should have had. All the potential was there and you can see how everyone part of Team Gotham did their everything to pull this thing off. I wish we could have seen “Bruce,” but it was kinda classic seeing him more as Batman and being mysterious.

It’s really hard to see this show go, the more I think about it, we lost more than just Gotham. We lost a home. The more I think about it, the more sad I get that I won’t be seeing it next week on the television screen. It was really the only think I cared about.

James Celovsky

Next is to make full length movie

And finally, we spoke with the amazing Gotham Addicts, the leading unoffical Gotham fansite online, with over 40,000 subscribers on Twitter and Facebook. Even though the show is (currently) over, you should totally join their exclusive Facebook group to make friends in the fandom and join in the Gotham fam conversations.

Gotham was originally created to tell a story about the origins of the characters in the realm of Batman. It had a great run, but at some point Batman had to come to life. Although we wish with all our hearts that Gotham could’ve gone on forever, the show has ended.

“We have loved every minute we shared with the cast, crew, and the amazing fandom! Thanks to everyone who came along for the ride. For the record, Gotham Addicts aren’t going anywhere – so come on over and celebrate everything Gotham with us!!

“Thank you to everyone who touched this beautiful show. #Gotham #GothamSeasonFinale”

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