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Do you think the DC TV series about 'Gotham' city deserves another shot? Listen to the thoughts of fans on Twitter.

Save ‘Gotham’: The fans speak

Last year was especially brutal for television fans & bingewatchers with a super harsh cancellation season that cut many examples of stellar TV from networks.

We’re standing with all the criminally cut shows over the years in hopes of saving what deserves a second chance. The majority of these series have enjoyed viewing figures far beyond their initial Nielsen ratings, an outdated method of record-keeping that is totally archaic when considering the vast swathes of fans watching on catchup services or binging entire seasons in extended weekends of Netflix-gazing.

Gotham is an innovative show based on DC Comics characters and produced by Warner Bros. Television. The Batman origin narrative helped us, as rapt viewers understand how our favorite heroes (Batman) and villains (The Joker, Penguin) came to be the way they are. It also cast a light on just how Gotham City became the wretched crime-filled cesspool we all know & love.

Despite general network issues (the old “being moved to a much worse timeslot” thing), Gotham’s rabid fanbase managed to rally Fox into renewing the show for a fifth & final season – a whopping two seasons short of what the fanbase were promised.

Gotham certainly doesn’t have a shortage of fans or viewers but Fox, like many networks before, has been using the outdated Neilsen rating system to make decisions about shows’ popularity. Let’s be serious: who under the age of 70 actually watches live TV anymore?

Just because an episode gets a viewing figure below that of a series premiere or finale, that doesn’t mean the viewership has fallen considerably. Networks now have a responsibility to establish a dialogue with streaming platforms to consolidate more accurate figures and finally find out for themselves which are the best performers.

Because Gotham is a Warner Bros. production, not a Fox property, sadly the show was less lucrative and more expendable for the network. The show being packaged with the hot mess Lethal Weapon for advertising partnerships also didn’t do the show any favors.

We’ve got plenty of ideas on how Gotham could be saved, but today we’re focusing on what the fans think of the show. TV execs: prick up your ears. Don’t you want to service this incredibly passionate fandom with a continuation of the stories that they love? We would . . . . Hear from all the fans on Twitter who shared their disappointment. 

Gotham lost about 54 episodes of content, the character development and storylines were lost due to that, some characters had to be killed, others didn’t have the screen time they deserved. We fans were not happy about it.” – Beatriz‏

“People say that Gotham doesn’t need saving because it’s getting an ending. This is true, but the ending we’re getting isn’t the planned one. The writers had plans for 7 seasons. That’s a lot of story left! We got 4.5 instead.” – Bandi

Gotham is such an original show. It the closest thing we got to a live action adaption of the Batman origin story universe and it’s so good!” – #SaveGotham | #Gotham spoilers

Gotham is The Coolest Show.” – catherine haverty

“This show has been mishandled for so many years by the network. Not only was there so little promotion,the use of a outdated & inaccurate rating system(Nielsen),but there was so much drama that went on with Warner Brothers & Fox. All this played a part in getting Gotham cancelled.” – Angela

Gotham inspires such devotion! The fandom has been holding daily Power Hours on Twitter for an entire year, as of May; advocating for Gotham, writing letters and emails; utilizing other forms of social media. It’s all a labor of love! #SaveGotham” 

Gotham is an exciting, daring sort of show with characters that no other show quite has. For lack of better explanation, Barbara Kean said it best on the show: It’s Gotham, baby. We’ve all got flair!”

Gotham is a show that truly deserves more than is has received. For years we’ve watched the early lives of beloved characters in the Batman universe grow into who we know they’ll become. Each of these characters are played by actors that pour their soul into their work.” – Liz  

Gotham’s provided a fresh take on the Batman mythos, created original characters of lasting merit, and re-worked minor comic characters to have major impact. #SaveGotham” – Mr. Millicent Cordelia

“For years, peeps have been denied a Batman TV show. Gotham was never that, but it had the makings of revealing all of the back stories.” – James Rankin

“This show deserves better. The acting is incredible, the writing never cease to surprise, the atmosphere of the show is powerful, the fights are good, the costumes are great! It’s one of the best if not DC TV’s best show and it didn’t deserve to end like this.” – λουισα

“We want to see development of the characters with the same actors. We love the cast, they deserve to continue.” – Gothambatcatfanspain

Gotham is such an interesting show. I want this show  to continue, I’m not ready to say goodbye to my favourite characters.” – Svetlana‏

“Not giving the seven seasons they were contracted for…That’s unfair.” –

“Fox and Warner Brothers were constantly fighting over because one owns the right to the characters and the other was broadcasting it and they all wanted the most out of it .” – Kate O’Riley Cosplay

“I never imagined Oswald Cobblepot as the most compelling character in the Bat-verse, but Robin Lord Taylor has brought him to life in such a way as to make him endearing, charismatic, terrifying, and endlessly fascinating.” – Mr. Millicent Cordelia

Gotham is a show that’s been pushed aside by the network one to many times and it needs to have a full story without cutting massive plot lines out, it’s insulting to the fans not to finish it off properly! #SaveGotham” – Destiny‏

Gotham has some of the most wonderful story telling and some amazing villains out there. Some great action too and I would love for it to continue its 7 season run like it was supposed to.” – DONT LET GOTHAM END!! #SAVEGOTHAM

Gotham fully embraces everything that DC can offer in a way that films & even comics fail to do. The violence, grief, dark humour, love, struggle, psychology, charisma etc. It paints a beautiful picture & showcases just how much DC is capable of in a way which nothing else has.” – MORDRED LLEWELYN JONES

Gotham’s production values, art direction, and cinematography are of a quality so high which is very unusual for TV. It rivals the quality that’s usually reserved for films.” 

Gotham is a cleverly written and brilliantly acted show with top notch special effects and wardrobe designs.” – Ellen Sunden

Gotham’s Season 5 has an ultra-impressive 100% on Rotten Tomatoes…a score reserved only for the best of the best in film and TV shows!” – Ellen Sunden

Gotham is totally different from the other DCTV shows as it’s an origin story for characters of the Batman universe. It’s original, dark, funny, esgy, action-packed with some humor, exactly like the comic books. The cast is big and very talented especially Bruce and Selina.” 

Gotham is a home to so many quality characters that are played by a wonderful cast of people. The fans know what they want and we hope for what is right. #SaveGotham” – ? Tam Loves Kris

Gotham was treated unfairly, so fans have been campaigning to #SaveGotham, tweeting every single day for 10 months. We’re missing 2.5 seasons and we hope to recover them someday. The talent on this show is extraordinary to watch and hope a network can pick up the show ” – Angela ? #SAVEGOTHAM

“This show is so unique and creative.” – nicolle | GOTHAM SPOILERS

“I believe it should be saved as there’s many more more stories to tell. Giving more development to Jeremiah, seeing Bruce as Batman and everyone in their future roles. I feel like Gotham is the perfect combination of The Dark Knight Trilogy And the 60’s Batman TV show. It’s great.” – Eoghan  

Gotham is a creative take on traditional comic stories. The actors who portray their characters do so with passion and individually bring fresh, unique takes to the characters they obviously care so much about.”

Gotham’s latest season currently scores 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a unique take on the Batman mythos that’s embraced the exploration and development of these iconic characters in a prequel, which has never been done before. And yet, there is still so much left to delve into.” –  shane  ? nygmobs endgame now

“There hasn’t been a live action Batman TV series since 1966. Put aside the format of the original series. It was revolutionary and could easily fit in today’s market! Gotham may be a prequel show, but it’s absolutely a continuation of the original series! Let it go on!” – E. Nygma

Gotham is one of the reasons I am still here today. The cast and the fans have helped me through so much. I used to be afraid to show my love for superhero’s but bc of this show I am happy to express it. One of the best tv series there is today. And that does not deserve to go.” – ᔕIEᖇᖇᗩ ?// Gᴏᴛ Hᴀᴍ?

“Speaking as a lifelong Batman/DC fan Gotham has put its own unique spin on the franchise that has brought new life to the franchise and new fans. The fans want the show to continue. The creators want it. The actors want it. Gotham deserves a second chance.” – lee‏

“This show is outstanding and it’s absolutely incomprehensible how this show was cancelled.” – ulia

Gotham is the only modern Batman interpretation with constantly increasing ratings, an amazing cast and memorable characters. There isnt a single character thats lacks personality.” – Kathryn  ? ☂ ? ?️‍?

Gotham is unique in every way and you can tell the people that work on it, cast and crew, love working on it. It’s in every detail of the show, in every interview they do. The deserve to grow even more.” – Space_Invader/Spoilers!

Gotham has a beautiful cast and great story arcs that can still be extended, so many characters that are fleshed out and amazing to see on tv!” – KatsaysNo| Gothamit

“At this point, Gotham would be better off on a network or streaming channel that will give it the freedom to keep making the episodes that keeps fans so loyal. Each season has gotten better. Who knows what could happen if it continues.” – Beverly‏

“I love Gotham! well-acted, visually appealing show.” – Aurea

“We need to #SaveGotham because the retelling of these stories that we are so familiar with has been done so beautifully.” – Shae Anderson

“I’m not going to lie: I started watching #Gotham just to see what they were going to do with the Joker. But as time went on, I grew to love this show that’s helped grow so many characters in such a unique way.” – simplyandsanely

“No one has ever done a story about young Bruce Wayne growing up, no one has ever seen the backstories of villains. The characters are amazing, the actors are amazing, the fans are worldwide and so extremely passionate about this show #SaveGotham” – ☆ sam

Gotham went down in viewership because of the networks handling.” – ρнσєиιx  ☀️

“We were originally promised 7 seasons. In 2 weeks we will reach the most anticipated moment of the whole series, the arrival of Joker and Batman. But we will only have a 45 minute episode to see this happen which is extremely sad for fans.” – charlie sora | #SaveGotham

We still haven’t explored major characters. This is extremely sad considering how well the writers have done.” – charlie sora | #SaveGotham

“This show just keeps getting better and better. Gotham just has so much potential that was completely wasted on Fox.” – Brooke Brown

Gotham quite literally breathed new life into me with its inspiring characters and plots. The takes on the familiar Batman characters  are unique and interesting, the cast is superb, and this show has a lot more stories to tell – and fans who want to see them – Ana

Gotham’s a great drama show with dark humor & amazing visual. Plus it’s great to see several lgbt+ characters in the main cast.” – Anders

“I think there are many reasons why the show shouldn’t end yet and I’m sure a lot of fans have already pointed it out before.” – Mirela

“As a lifelong Batman fan, Gotham has meant new beginnings and creative new ways to wind the mythos of Batman’s beginnings and before. It’s hard to pick where to start, but this show make me jump back into the Batman fandom after watching from S1.” – Scheming Minor

“The cast and crew both are absolutely amazing! Everything from set to costume to music to characters is breathtaking and it makes the show truly immersive. We care about the characters because the actors make them real. That’s why it should be saved.” – Mariah Sturtevant

“It does not deserve to end this way, at least someone make Penguin a spinoff please!” – Sadame21‏

“It’s a show filled with mystery, interesting topics, and many characters were under developed because of this cancelling.” – James Gordon’s Stan

“It is the perfect take on the Batman universe.” – Batmanfan935

“The style is dramatic, edgy, and thrilling in it’s exposition for a new age in the Batman timeline. We’re still starving for more. #SaveGotham” – Reah #SAVEGOTHAM

These tweets have been edited and condensed for clarity. Join the campaign to #SaveGotham over on Twitter.

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