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While we're wishing and waiting for 'Sanditon' season 2, we may as well laugh the pain away. Let’s get our Sandit on with these funny Sanditon memes.

We need ‘Sandition’ season 2 and these memes prove it

Do you ever just want to be whisked away to a gorgeous beach where you make new friends and meet your true love? People may say “that’s unrealistic!” – especially when everyone is stuck inside all day and unable to travel amidst an unrelenting pandemic. But we say pish-posh to them – all you have to do is live vicariously through the characters in Sanditon. 

All of the romance & adventure you need can be given to you when you watch Sanditon. Of course, PBS cut us off from our dreamy period drama when they canceled Sanditon, leaving us in agony as we’re forced to swallow that terrible cliffhanger ending. Amazon may be our only hope now for a season 2. 

In lue of any updates, we may as well laugh the pain away. Let’s get our Sandit on with these funny Sanditon memes. 

Keep Calm & Sandit On

This has to be the best version of “Keep calm & carry on” that we’ve ever seen. Sanditon fans, we have to hold our heads high and keep on badgering Amazon for season 2.

Pretty please

Who can resist that adorable face? It makes us feel better that puss in boots is on our side. 

For the children

Please, Amazon. Think of the poor children who have to watch their moms rewatch Sanditon season 1 over and over again. Give them a Sanditon season 2 – end our suffering. 

You wouldn’t get it

Sanditon has a special allure that not everyone can understand. That’s why it’s so beautiful. 😭

When Charlotte met Sidney

Gotta love those When Harry Met Sally references. We’ve tempted to order that scrumptious PBS passport ourselves. 

Holy, horny Mr. Hankins

Did anyone else love the little side romance going on between Mrs. Griffiths & Mr. Hankins? Two boring bible thumps wanting to hump.

 Let’s resurrect Jane Austen

If Amazon won’t do it we’ll have to just find a way to bring Jane Austen back from the dead. 

My precious Sanditon

Our day was ruined when Sanditon ended on such a sad note. How did you cope?

Sidney superiority

This is so true – Sidney definitely had a superiority complex yet tried to be all aloof at the same time.

Rekrap Yendis: perfection

Sanditon fans are all fluent in this language. Drowyah Ettolrahc means match. Conclusion: Rekrap Yendis + Drowyah Ettolrahc = perfect match.

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