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Regé-Jean Page has been cast as the leading role of the 'Dungeons & Dragons' movie. These dreamy photos prove he'll make it a critical hit.

Regé-Jean Page joins the D&D movie: Celebrate by admiring his hottest pics

Have you had the pleasure of feasting your eyes on the heartthrob actor Regé-Jean Page? With his striking good looks and smoldering presence on screen, no one is safe from Page’s allure. After bingewatching Bridgerton, period drama addicts are likely pining for another taste of their dashing Duke of Hastings.

For fans of both Bridgerton and D&D: you’re going to have to sit down for this next bit of news about Page. After closing a deal with Paramount, his next project is confirmed to be in the upcoming movie Dungeons & Dragons playing the leading role!   

Clearly, Paramount rolled a nat d20 when searching for the best Dungeons & Dragons lead possible. If you’re squealing with excitement at this fortunate news, we’ve come to kick that hype up a notch. What better way to get amped than to gaze into the dreamy eyes of Regé-Jean Page

We’re coming at you with more details about his role in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie met with some of the most entrancing photos of the charming Bridgerton actor – solely for research purposes, of course. We’ll let the pictures do the talking themselves. 😉

The last big news we heard about the Dungeons & Dragons movie was about Chris Pine joining the cast. Also joining the side of Page & Pine will be Michelle Rodriguez & Justin Smith. Beyond these casting announcements, little has been disclosed about the movie’s actual plot or premise. 

We do know this D&D movie will be based off of a script from Michael Gilio, and directed by Johnathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley – the minds behind the sleeper hit Game Night. With this information in mind, we’re wondering if the film will introduce a mix of modern world players with a visually fantastical twist as they delve into their adventures. (Akin to the Stranger Things nod to D&D.) 

According to, Producer Roy Lee has described the D&D movie as a “‘Guardians of the Galaxy’-tone movie in a Tolkien-like universe” with “a ‘Raiders [of the Lost Ark’] romp inside that world.” This wild description leaves the possibilities open.

Those unfamiliar with Dungeons & Dragons should know a little bit about the game and why it has blown up to be the fantasy sensation it is today. Originally created by Gary Gygax over forty-six years ago, millions of fans have treasured the unique role-playing game. Now the franchise is owned by Wizards of the Coast who have developed newer editions and endless expansions. 

Dungeons & Dragons is more of a ruleset than a game, meaning the Dungeon Master (any ambitious storyteller who knows the rules) gets to orchestrate what actually goes on in a world of their choosing. This freedom allows for infinite stories to take place with exciting fantasy elements such as races like elves & hobbits along with magical quests & monsters. 

All you have to do is look at the ragingly popular media on Twitch & YouTube such as Critical Role and Adventure Zone which have showcased how much potential D&D stories can have for peak entertainment & imagination. 

Thus, we can only image how Regé-Jean Page will transform into a strapping young adventurer in a story filled with fighting & magic. We’re swooning already picturing his muscular body filling out armor and swinging around heavy weapons The Witcher-style. We’re betting that Page could even give hunky Henry Cavill a run for his money.

If you’re aching for more of Regé-Jean Page ASAP, we’re delighted to inform you that he’ll be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. Alas, your fantasies about him can be reignited. Enjoy 💕! 

Do you think Regé-Jean Page will make the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons movie a critical hit? 🎲 Let us know what you think below. 

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