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'Orange is the New Black' ran for seven seasons and we were sad to see the Netflix hit come to an end. Could these characters get a spinoff?

Which ‘Orange is the New Black’ characters deserve their own spinoff?

One of Netflix’s greatest achievements is the creation of a show like Orange is the New Black. The show focused on what life is like for women locked up in a female prison and, although it touched on some very serious subject matter, the series was oftentimes still very lighthearted & funny. 

Orange is the New Black ran for seven seasons between 2013 & 2019, and we were sad to see the Netflix hit come to an end. Characters from the show have carved a place in our hearts, and these ones deserve their own spin-offs.

Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren 

One of the first Orange is the New Black characters Piper Chapman runs into after entering prison was Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren. Everyone remembers Suzanne’s attempts to flirt with Piper as she describes their interracial romance as the “swirl”. 

Suzanne certainly starts off as a very weird Orange is the New Black character but she eventually grows to be someone who was very lovable. She knows she’s different so she always tries her best to understand the world around her. A spinoff show about her would be great!

Lorna Morello

After finding out Lorna Morello’s reasoning for being in prison, the idea of seeing a spinoff show about her makes so much sense. The way she creates a love story narrative about herself and a man who definitely didn’t feel that way about her is a crazy twist revealing her interesting psyche. 

Some of the shenanigans she gets into outside of prison includes theft & fraud. Seeing what her life would be like after prison would be very interesting. Is she an Orange is the New Black character who would return back to a life of crime? Would she continue stalking a man who has no interest in her or move on with the man who reciprocates those feelings?

Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson

Taystee, aka Tasha Jefferson, truly gets the short end of the stick by the time Orange is the New Black comes to an end. She’s one of the Orange is the New Black characters who doesn’t receive any justice after being falsely accused of a crime she didn’t commit and ended up receiving life in prison. 

There has to be more to her story though. What happens to her is so unjust & unfair, and although her story happens to real people every day, it would be a dream come true to see her reach some level of justice in a spinoff.

Nicky Nichols 

Nicky Nichols is certainly troubled but she is also incredibly lovable in Orange is the New Black. Whether a character like her stays locked up in prison or is able to return to the real world to acclimate to normal life again, it would be interesting to see a spinoff show about her. 

Nicky’s life in prison is more interesting than plenty of other characters on the show who weren’t actually locked up. If she were to have a spinoff, a huge focal point would definitely be about her struggle with her drug addiction.

Sophia Burset

Sophia Burset, played by Laverne Cox, is a transgender inmate who was often a central character on Orange is the New Black. Of all the show’s characters, she has one of the most emotional storylines. 

At one point in time, she’s locked up in solitary confinement much longer than she ever deserves to be. Seeing a spinoff show about her life outside of prison and the improvements she’s made in life since such a traumatic experience would be an instant hit.

Maritza Ramos

The story of Maritza Ramos is especially sad because she grew up thinking she was an American-born citizen her entire life. She eventually finds out she wasn’t actually born on U.S. soil and that she’s going to be deported to a place she knows nothing about. 

Immigration issues have always been a hot topic in the news. Finding out about her future and how she plans to handle her deportation situation would make for a very interesting spinoff. 

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