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The Ninjai Gang presents 'Ninjai: The Little Ninja', the newest adventure carrying on the legacy of ninja movies with action, story, and visuals!

‘Ninjai – The Little Ninja’ & Famous Ninja Movies

Ninja movies and shows have always been popular across age groups and mediums and continue to be a mainstay of entertainment. Generally, entries in the ninja genre will offer quality martial-arts action sequences, strong themes, and fantastic visuals. 

Over time, several franchises in the genre have cemented themselves in popularity, such as Naruto and Ninja Scroll. One new upcoming animated feature film is now looking poised to continue this tradition.

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About Ninjai: The Little Ninja

Ninjai: The Little Ninja is a new animated feature film carrying on the best of what the ninja genre has to offer. From a teaser released online, Ninjai offers up dazzling visuals, kinetic action sequences, and a compelling premise led by the titular character of Ninjai, a young boy traveling the ancient world in search of his identity. 

Ninjai possesses the skills of an expert ninja warrior and the childish innocence of a young boy. The contrast between the two makes for a unique, interesting take on the ninja genre, and is a great backdrop against which the film can explore its themes which look to be classic questionings on good vs evil and the search for meaning and self. 

The flavor appears to be an interesting combination of spiritual and philosophical musings mixed with high-octane fight scenes and combat. Ninjai: The Little Ninja also features one of the most adorable sidekick characters ever put on screen in Little Bird, Ninjai’s traveling companion and ally.

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If the on-screen dynamic between the two in the teaser is any indication, they will be one of the best character combos to make it in the animated genre – and that’s a big feat considering Disney and Pixar have been dominating this niche for decades. 

The film also appears to be a mainstream bullseye, something that can appeal to all age groups, and that has something for everyone in it. Beautiful visuals? Check. Thrilling action sequences? Check. An adorable duo in the main character and his sidekick? Check. 

In short, Ninjai: The Little Ninja looks like it’s set to be a smash hit in the world of both animated feature films and the ninja/martial arts genre, with wide appeal and draw for a large audience. As far as a release date, any official details are few and between, with un-official sites and channels suggesting a theatrical debut sometime this year.

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Something to note in this regard is the fact that Ninjai is independently produced by the Ninjai Gang, a group of martial artists, creatives, and animators who have been developing and working on the project for years without the backing or funding of any big studios or production companies. 

We expect that as a small team, they are going to be up to their necks in work gearing up for a theatrical release. However, online chatter suggests that there will be an official update soon. Either way, Ninjai: The Little Ninja looks like it’s an exciting project to definitely keep an eye out for, and we’ll be sure to give updates as they arrive!

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Other Famous Ninja-Based Movies/Series

If you’re a fan of Ninja-based movies and series, a classic that comes to mind for me is Octagon. This movie is one of the most exciting samurai warrior-based movies. Chris Norris portrays Scott as the story’s protagonist. Scott is a karate champion and is an extremely brave and fearless warrior. 

The plot of the story is Scott fighting a dangerous terrorist group to ensure peace and protect several innocent lives. What makes the story interesting is the fact that this terrorist group has been trained by Scott’s half-brother- Seikura. The movie is packed with quality action scenes coupled with some brilliant direction and sound assistance. 

We’re all for another film to hit the genre in the company of other famous Ninja-based movies including Pray for Death, Ninja Terminator, Shinobi, etc.

ninja movies

Recent Updates About Ninjai: The Little Ninja

Several sources including the unofficial Ninjai YouTube channel and Ninjai Twitter account & have rumors that Ninjai might be back soon. Ninjai may be gearing up for a launch on big movie screens. Ever since this news has surfaced, Ninjai fans have all been waiting eagerly for more updates about the series. 

Certainly, the film as unique as it is will most likely be delight fans more than ever in terms of action, animations, and story. It will hopefully bring extreme joy to fans of martial arts and animation alike. We can find the latest updates on Ninjai here on Markets Herald, Film Daily, & other News sites here.

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