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New on Netflix: All the movies and series arriving in March

No matter how many new streaming platforms pop, Netflix would definitely be one of our favorites forever! Although Netflix always keeps its catalog updated, March tends to be a great month for new arrivals to this platform. The truth is in January and February we’re all getting used to a new year, whatever that means for everyone, as well as recovering from our regular activities. 

For these reasons, March is a great month for new releases. As you might know, in Film Daily we’re big fans of streaming and this time, we’ve brought to you some of the new titles you’ll be able to find this March 2023. Aside from recent gossip regarding Netflix changing its password sharing regulations, we can say Netflix is a platform we feel comfortable with. 

Some of Netflix’s most recent releases have let us clear that quality is always guaranteed and every single dollar is worth it. Honestly, this is one of the main reasons why Netflix keeps being one of the principal streaming services with all the competition. Not only does it count with great movies and T.V. shows from all times, but also great documentaries. Let’s take a look at March 2023 releases! 

Cheat season 1

The first release is a completely new series, Cheat is a British game show series hosted by Danny Dyer & Ellie Taylor. In this quiz show contestants are able to cheat in order to pursue their way to a fortune. Contestants must use their intelligence well in order to win the grand prize. They can even lie, the only rule is not getting caught and getting away with the lie. 

Netflix’s Cheat latest game show brings a fresh twist to all classic trivia games. This upcoming game show will feature contestants who aim to win some bucks only by answering some questions. The four first episodes of the show would be dropped on March 1, followed by the other four episodes on March 8! 

Chris Rock: Selective Outrage

Netflix is one of the most liked streaming platforms because not only does it count with Movies, documentaries and T.V. series, but stand-up comedy specials! For the first time in Netflix’s history, you’ll be able to watch this new Chris Rock live stand-up right from  on the platform. Live streaming from platforms is the new trendy way to access content!

You should be getting ready for this stand-up special, since it has been described by Netflix as an historical show. Save the date, March 5th  10 pm ET/7 pm PT.

Shadow & Bone Season 2

Not everything is new, this month we’re also getting the continuation of some of our favorite shows. If you’re a fan of Shadow & Bone know that the long wait is almost over! This March 2023 we’re officially announcing the comeback of the fantasy series Shadow & Bone. The bad news for binge watchers is that this season is set to have only eight episodes, so be sure to ration them well. 

In this second season  we’ll see Alina Stakov on the run, who has developed a new plan in order to bring Shadow Fold down! Save the date for this release next march 16th!

Murder Mystery 2 

Another great Netflix comeback that we’re expecting this March 2023 is Murder Mystery 2! This time, we’ll witness the returning detective couple Audrey & Nick Spitz.Are you ready to watch  Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston in one of Netflix’s biggest comedy movies? Well you better be, since this thrilling movie comes out next March 31, so you still have time to watch the first one again. 

March 2023 is holding a lot of surprises on Netflix, these are just some of the few titles you’ll be able to enjoy next month!


Be sure to share your favorite Netflix release in the comments below!

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