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Do you know everything about Mystic Falls? Prove you can survive by taking our 'The Vampire Diaries' quiz.

Test your Mystic Falls knowledge with our ‘The Vampire Diaries’ quiz

We have to admit that without The CW’s The Vampire Diaries all we’d have to fuel our vampire obsession would be Twilight or Supernatural. Luckily, with the likes of the bada$$ Salvatore brothers, we didn’t need any other show to feed our fantasies. This quiz tests your knowledge about the most important events in Mystic Falls. After all, there was a party happening around every corner . . . .

Across crazy eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries we believed in vampires, love, and the bond of brotherly love. Elena may have won the hearts of both Salvatore brothers – but could we deny we actually shipped both brothers for Miss Gilbert at one stage?

The Vampire Diaries follows Elena Gilbert’s journey from a high school mess to a hunted vampire. Thanks to rewatching the series (yes, we know you have!), Mystic Falls feels like home to us. But do you know what went down in the small town? Test your knowledge with our TVD quiz. Don’t forget to tweet us @FilmDaily with your epic score!

Could you survive Mystic Falls? Take our ‘The Vampire Diaries’ quiz to find out!

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