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In tribute to Shonda Rhimes’s episodic feat 'Scandal', we rank its craziest scenes – there’ve been enough twists and turns to keep us lost for days.

Sex, lies, and so much murder: The most WTF moments in ‘Scandal’ history

Let it all out – Scandal officially scandaled its last scandal last year, wrapping up the seven-season run with a series finale that explored the consequences of going public with B613 and the corruption that comes with the thirst for power.

Given the show’s reputation for WTF moments, in tribute to Shonda Rhimes’s episodic feat, we thought we’d rank the craziest scenes from over the years. So much sex, so much plotting, and so many murders – there’ve been enough twists and turns in Scandal’s history to keep us lost for days.

Secret sex tape

The central romance in Scandal was without a doubt between Oliva (Kerry Washington) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) a.k.a. Olitz. The first time they hook up unfolds in true Scandal style. In other words, it’s secretly being recorded. Shocker!

Happy birthday, Mr. President

Speaking of Olitz, how about the time Fitz got shot? Even more heartbreaking is when Olivia finds out and tries to deal with the revelation (all the while with Fitz’s wife Mellie kicking the fuck off).


When Charlie and Quinn started hooking up a.k.a. the birth of CharliQuinn!

Desk sex

That awkward moment Huck and Quinn are caught going at it on a desk. Shoulda got a room, guys!

Crime of passion

Remember the cray time Sally found out her husband Daniel had been getting freaky with Cyrus’s husband? Needless to say, things took a turn for the stabby.

But wait! There’s more . . .

It didn’t end there. The additional bitter twist – it was all a plot orchestrated by Cyrus and Mellie ?.

Awkward admission

Shit got real when Olivia’s dad Rowan used the Secret Service to kill Fitz’s son with a stolen vial of bacterial meningitis. It got even more real when Olivia told Mellie whodunit.

Shot to the face

That time Jake shoots James in the face and kills him. Still not okay, dude.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat that time David woke up clutching a knife with a dead woman in his bed. It skipped two when the police immediately started knocking at his door.


Remember when Olivia paid Andrew a visit in an attempt to quiet him about Mellie’s dirty ass secrets? Dude makes the wrong move and starts acting creepy, triggering Olivia to flashback to her kidnapping. She reaches breaking point and ends up killing him with a freakin’ chair! Thwack!

Operation Remington

Olivia’s relationships with her parents are far from normal. With regards to her mom Maya, one of the biggest twists unfolded when we find out she was killed in a plane crash and Fitz was the one who shot down the plane.

Or is she?

Kidding! Turns out Maya was actually alive and Rowan had her imprisoned for twenty years. How does she escape? By eating her own wrists open and sneaking out of the hospital, of course!

Sheer defiance

It’s been five seasons since and we still can’t believe they managed to pull off rigging the election by tampering with the voting machines.

Snake in the grass

Except, maybe we can because a lot of blood was spilled to cover up the secret. Including when Fitz killed Verna for threatening to tell. Savage!

Backstreet dentist

One of the most OMG moments in Scandal had to be when Huck tortured Quinn in the most brutal way possible – by pulling out her teeth. And all because she left Pope & Associates and started working with Charlie at B613.

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