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We need to make massive changes or look for another place to live. And the moon sounds like a pretty sound idea. Although more research is needed.

Could the moon be our next home?

Our prevailing atmosphere is taking a thrashing that is going to overwhelm it pretty soon. The deadly and life-threatening tsunamis, hurricanes, forest wildfires, and earthquakes are becoming daily news headlines. The ozone layer that is meant to protect us from dangerous radiation is thinning out each day. Our atmospheric temperature is on the rise – or falling, depending on which scientists you ask. 

All are becoming a threat to human, animal, and plant survival. Not only are people becoming sicker, but our habitable land is decreasing too. We need to make massive changes or look for another place to live! And the moon sounds like a pretty sound idea. Although more research is needed before packing up.

The points below are the reasons it may be a good or bad idea. But we leave the decision to you.

Lack of an atmosphere 

The very thing that protects us here on earth may be the one thing that costs us our lives. Now more than ever, dangerous sun rays can get to us. Cases of skin cancer are on the rise and the temperature on earth is becoming intense, both the highs and lows. 

As such, the very use of the atmosphere is becoming important. Scientists have actually come up with the analogy around the idea of needing that space we bet our lives on. The lack of an atmosphere and the resulting weather conditions on the moon will necessitate protection against solar radiation, therefore reducing our current issues by half.

Building material everywhere 

The moon’s surface is lunar regolith, similar to the earth’s volcanic sand. This fine moon dust found on every inch of the moon’s surface can be easily molded into bricks of different shapes and sizes and used to bring up structures. 

All you need is concentrated lasers to bind the particles into solid interlocking brick blocks. Not only are these stones perfect for building, but they offer additional protection against radiation. This is a plus considering here on earth, to build a structure you do need more than just soil.

You cannot own land on the moon

Inasmuch as you can mount a mansion on the surface of the moon, you cannot own the land you build on. This basically means that you have no right to that land whatsoever. This was made clear in the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, which states that sovereign nations cannot own any part of the moon, and that includes all governments on earth.

Life on the moon requires more energy

To build, you need energy; to walk, talk, and even breathe, you need energy. And due to the moon’s low gravity levels, you will need more stamina just to maintain your bone mass, tissue strength and keep up your heart performance. For this to be possible, you need to eat, and since we know food cannot grow without an atmosphere, this remains a significant setback.


Now that you have the facts laid down for you, will you get on the next ship and go? Or stay and take better care of mother earth?

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