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We have covered everything there is to know about these Skechers sneakers, including the reason why they have gotten so popular all of a sudden.

Choosing the best winter golf shoes

Providing you have the appropriate clubs, clothing and footwear suitable for different conditions, golf is a game that can be played all year round.

In the summer, a pair of smart golf shorts won’t go amiss, nor would a cap to shade your face and eyes from the sun’s rays. Opting for light colours will also help you stay cool when temperatures soar, unlike darker hues that absorb the heat and make you feel toasty.

Whilst most golf brands manufacture waterproof golf shoes that are stylish and comfortable, Adidas, FootJoy and Skechers provide some of the best on the market as well as the latest Nike Air Max Golf Range. – including spiked and spikeless designs.

In the winter, you’ll want to keep your waterproofs and umbrella handy for rainy golf days. It’s also a sensible idea to don your thermals, hat and gloves to ensure the cold doesn’t get the better of your game.

But the question is, what shoes should you wear for a round of golf in the colder months of the year?

Here we look at what factors you need to think about when choosing a pair of winter golf shoes.

6 things to consider when shopping for winter golf footwear

  • Are they waterproof? 

Rule number one when buying winter golf shoes is to opt for a waterproof pair. 

The UK is no stranger to rain, and when the heavens open, you want to be confident that your feet will remain dry. The same applies if the ground conditions are wet (either from the rain or morning dew).

Luckily, most leading brands invest heavily in waterproof technology, ensuring that your feet stay warm and dry throughout a round of golf in the winter.

  • How do you want your winter golf shoes to look?

Gone are the days where winter golf shoes have to be heavy, cumbersome and ugly!

Admittedly, it’s not about sporting the most fashionable footwear – but there are several different designs to choose from, including black mid-cut boots that pair nicely with almost any winter outfit combo.

Why not take a look at the fantastic range of winter golf shoes and boots available at Clarkes’ Golf Centre? There’s a style, colour and size to suit every golfer.

  • How much grip do they offer?

Whilst you can expect the ground to be wet, slippery and unpredictable in the wintertime, a pair of golf shoes that offer excellent grip and stability will save you the embarrassment of slipping and missing your shots.

Traditionally, golfers would opt for spiked golf shoes to ensure their feet stayed firmly on the ground. However, there are several spikeless models which offer a similar level of support these days.  

  • Are they durable?

In the winter, rain, grass and mud can stick to your golf shoes. This not only affects your stylish look on the golf course but can also affect your ability to perform. 

It’s for this reason you want a pair that’s able to withstand the elements and quick to clean – something like a pair of winter golf boots that have a sturdy sole and leather uppers that are easy to wipe down.

  • What’s your budget?

Perhaps one of the most important factors to bear in mind when picking a pair of winter golf shoes is the price tag.

Although there are models at various price points, our best advice is to set yourself a realistic budget. This will help you to narrow your options down and choose the most suitable footwear for winter golf without breaking the bank.  

  • Which brands do you like?

Golfers nowadays are more fashion-conscious than ever before. They only want popular sports brands, such as Nike, Puma or Under Armour, and match their shoes with their attire.

Whilst most golf brands manufacture waterproof golf shoes that are stylish and comfortable, Adidas, FootJoy and Skechers provide some of the best on the market – including spiked and spikeless designs.

To find your ideal pair of winter golf shoes, be sure to visit the Clarkes’ Golf Centre website and use the filters to narrow your search. Alternatively, you can visit the team in-store, just off the Rainford Bypass in St Helens (approximately a 30-minute drive from Liverpool).

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