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'Money Heist' is the back-stabingest show on Netflix. We’ve assembled an elite cadre of questions – before part 5, how well do you know 'Money Heist'?

Lock yourself into the ultimate ‘Money Heist’ quiz

Crime never pays – unless you concoct an elaborate, multi-year plan involving multiple schemes, characters, and cities. Then crime pays.

Money Heist is one of the twistiest, turningest, back-stabingest shows on in years, and in the golden age of Netflix, that really says something. We’ve assembled an elite cadre of questions below to determine how well you really know Money Heist

Before you watch part 5, test your knowledge of the TV show. Bingewatchers have no excuse not to ace this quiz, so take your best shot and tweet us here with your results so we can see who is truly a Money Heist expert.

Crack the Royal Mint of Spain in our 'Money Heist' quiz

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  • nice questions,I was almost sure about all expect one……

    December 13, 2021

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