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From the get-go, 'Money Heist' makes it clear that Berlin is a misogynist creep. Here are quotes proving that Berlin is the worst.

Berlin is the worst ‘Money Heist’ character: All the quotes to prove it

It’s hard not to find Pedro Alonso attractive as Berlin. The take charge attitude, the suave flirtiness, just the fact Pedro Alonso’s attractive. There’s a lot to love there. But if you’re finding yourself more attracted to the character of Berlin and less so Alonso, you’re not watching Money Heist right. 

From the get-go, Money Heist makes it clear that Berlin is a misogynist creep who’s only desire for women is to use them as his underlings. Whether it be the way he treat Arienne as a sex slave, his constant disregard for anything Nairobi says, even if it’s better than his plan, or his sexist remarks about Raquel, it’s disgusting. 

Don’t believe us? Come on a walk down memory lane as we present the creepiest things to ever come out of Berlin’s mouth on Money Heist. We promise everything is an actual quote that came straight from the second-in-command mouth himself. 

“Ethics is important, Nairobi, but aesthetics as well.”

Sure, being a good person is important, but if you don’t look good then who cares?

“Betrayal is an inherent part of love.”

What sane person thinks that betraying the ones you love is normal??

“If you don’t put corpses on the table, you’re not respected out there.”

Whether you agree or disagree with the rest of our complaints, you have to admit that Berlin is 100% a sociopath. 

“Don’t call me a psychopath. Call me an intellectual psychopath. Put some taste in it.”

Again, proof that his man could not care less about the people around him, just about appearances. 

“Do you know what five divorces are? Five times I believed in love.”

As inspirational as this quote is, it also acknowledges a huge flaw everyone else ignores: the man literally was married five times and either dumped or got dumped by his wife. Is that not a huge red flag to you?

“Sometimes distance is the only way to find peace.”

Your best friend basically just confessed his feelings to you and then you blow him off with this half-assed apology? Do better Berlin, do better. 

“I’ve spent my life being a bit of a son of a bitch, but today I think I want to die with dignity.”

Even Berlin himself knows he’s been a big ol’ tool and needs to get it together.

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  • I like him a lot better than Tokio / Tokyo.

    April 16, 2021
  • Berlin is my most favourite character in the series. I like him more than professor or any other characters. I like psychopath characters. He’s a king 👑

    July 21, 2021
  • You can say anything about Berlin
    I just commented to tell you he’s the most intelligent person in there, wiser than all of them, with your points I can’t still hate him

    November 17, 2021

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