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If you're a fan of Mia Khalifa you can support her by helping to have her porn videos removed from the internet.

Love Mia Khalifa? Help get her porn videos taken down

No one knows what it’s like to be used more than former pornstar Mia Khalifa. 

Khalifa entered the porn industry in October 2014 and became the most viewed performer within her first month. In January 2015, she signed a long-term contract with the adult entertainment company WGCZ Holding but resigned after two months because she had “a change of heart.”

After quitting the porn industry, Khalifa asked to have her porn videos taken down – especially since she wasn’t getting paid fairly for them.

Where’s her money?

Mia Khalifa claimed that she’d only earned $12,000 since she joined the industry in 2014. What was odd was the fact that she was one of the top-searched performers of all time, so the amount of money she received didn’t add up. Khalifa tweeted that her adult videos are making her life miserable and claimed one of her clips was released without her consent. 

Millions of fans supported Khalifa and launched a petition on, demanding adult entertainment sites to take down her videos; the petition has earned at least 1,800,00 signatures so far.

The petition states that Khalifa was involved with the porn industry for only three months when she was twenty-one. In a short amount of time, she managed to become a huge star; however, she was only paid $12,000 from the millions of dollars that adult entertainment sites made off of her videos. 

We want justice

Khalifa’s mental state has gone downhill after she received ISIS death threats following her infamous hijab videos released in 2014. The petition states, “Mia attends therapy on a consistent basis for trauma, emotional distress, and consequences of bullying.”

Mia & her team have tried making financial offers to adult site owners to have her videos removed, but none of them have given Mia Khalifa a chance to win the rights to her content in court.

The petition states, “We are demanding her domain names be returned, her videos be removed and fairly discussed in court without putting Mia Khalifa into deep financial ruin. Mia has stated her regret for her decisions in the porn industry multiple times.”

Do you think the porn industry is using Mia Khalifa? Be one of her millions of supporters by signing the petition.

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