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We gathered some of Mia Khalifa's interactions on Twitter, which show her activism on social media. Here are some of the best.

Mia Khalifa’s Twitter activism: Everything you need to know

Mia Khalifa has certainly earned a place in our SJW hearts just by being an incredible human being on Twitter. Though you may have heard of Mia’s career as a porn star, she retired from the industry five years ago, and she’s been doing amazing stuff ever since.

Although she constantly receives hateful comments from people all around the world, she has still managed to stay strong and focus on the message she wants to spread. Not even death threats have brought her down, and we think this says plenty about who she is.

We gathered some of Mia Khalifa’s interactions on Twitter, which show her activism on social media. Most of these tweets talk about Mia’s other social media platforms, just because we wanted to show how she’s great on every one of them. Here are some of our favorite displays of activism from Mia Khalifa.

Calling out abusers

Mia shared one of her TikTok videos on Twitter, and people’s reactions were disappointing. Shocker, right? This isn’t the first time she’s had the spotlight on TikTok as the song “Mia Khalifa” went viral on the platform. 

This time, Mia decided to post her own videos. On this TikTok, she speaks up about being groomed at age sixteen and having a toxic relationship with her ex-boyfriend and former executive of BangBros.

While Mia’s trying to bring awareness to the ways in which the porn industry doesn’t take women’s consent seriously, people seemed to think she was against being able to be a sex worker. Although many support her, there are also several people who called her out for still using her pornstar name.

Raising money for Lebanon

Last month, a series of explosions in Beirut cost the lives of over a hundred people, injured over six thousand others, and caused over three hundred thousand people to become homeless. 

Mia has continuously tried to donate money to the victims of the Beirut explosions. She even auctioned off her signature glasses and raised a hundred thousand dollars, which she donated in full to Lebanon’s Red Cross. 

Here’s another one of her tweets showing how she has raised funds for the victims.

Supporting other women

Mia Khalifa has also tried to support women during these trying times. On August 18, she shared a picture of one of the blast survivors on one of her Instagram stories with the caption “Nothing breaks a lebanese woman.”

What’s best about this post is how Mia managed to both remind people of Beirut’s tragedy, and uplift a victim and a woman who’s struggling through hard times. It’s amazing to see someone with such a big platform try to advocate for people in need, and encourage women through adversities. We stan a supportive queen!

Talking about her past in the porn industry

While Mia didn’t really make this tweet, she did share it! Mia Khalifa was one of the guests on Anthony Padilla’s YouTube series “I spent a day with ___”. This was a great chance to see how Mia Khalifa’s still bringing awareness to the problems of the porn industry.

Mia’s interview with Padilla is interesting, and it really shows how much she’s grown. This is an amazing display of how much she’s advocated for women’s rights and brought awareness to the injustice women suffer in the porn industry.

Taking a political stance

Lastly, we wanted to show a tweet which basically sums up Mia Khalifa’s activism. She’s really doing everything she can to bring awareness to important situations worldwide.

We hope she keeps up using her platforms to raise awareness!

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