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'Lucifer' has wrapped filming on its series finale. Take a look at the #ThankYouLucifer tweets from fans of the beloved Netflix series.

Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’ season 6 finishes filming: Mourn the end with other fans

Time to pour one out for the end of an era, folks. Netflix Lucifer has officially wrapped filming on its sixth & final season. The series finale for the beloved supernatural procedural drama has been shot. Now, all that’s left to do, is languish away the hours until the long awaited Lucifer season 5B drops on Netflix in May. After that? It’s the wait for season 6 and buckets of tears.

Because, well, Lucifer fans have worked hard to make sure that the series made it to its end. After Fox cancelled the show after season 3, the Lucifans campaigned hard to get Netflix to save the series at the last minute, renewing it for season 4 a day before the cast were released from their contracts. Now after three seasons on the streamer, Lucifer is done filming.

All that’s left now is just waiting for the final episodes. In the meantime, fans have taken to Netflix to thank the series, cast, and crew for Lucifer. Here are some of our fave goodbyes.

To the King of Hell

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) has become many people’s fave. Mainly due to the fact that while he evolved, he still remained fun. He just became a better version of himself. 


The cast on their last day of filming is making us all ugly cry. Thanks. 

Maybe they’ll hang out from time to time? 

Seriously though. The cast and crew of Lucifer knew how to hype the Netflix series on social media. We’re going to miss seeing the behind the scenes moments. 

A deserved ending

Lucifer’s cast & crew are some of the nicest people out there. We’re glad that they got to end the series on their own terms.


Lucifer provided a lot of people an escape and understanding when they needed it, which led to a dedicated fanbase. So dedicated that Netflix saved it.

The important bit

Netflix’s Lucifer leaves fans both old & new with an important message. You’re not as irredeemable as you think you are.

A toast! 

To all the BAMF women in Lucifer, we salute you.

We’re just so full of emotions right now

He really was the best guardian devil. Well, he tried anyway.

Conflicting feelings

We’re all feeling the same way right now

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