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Which character of Netflix's Lucifer are you really? Dive into the pits of Hell with our Lucifer personality quiz to find out!

Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’: Which character are you? Find out with our quiz!

Fans of Netflix’s Lucifer are currently in a hiatus slumber as we wait for the news of when the second half of season 5 will be released. While Netflix is keeping the Lucifer 5B drop close to the chest, Lucifans are in desperate need of some good ol’ devilish fun. What better way to do that than figure out which Lucifer character you truly are? Are you a Devil, a Detective, a Demon, a Doctor, or a Douche? 

Or, are you something that didn’t begin with a “d”? Like an angel? Dear ol’ Dad only knows what your quiz results will be. So if you’re curious if you’re more of a Lucifer (Tom Ellis) or a Linda (Rachael Harris), then give our quiz below a shot and learn once and for all which Netflix Lucifer character you truly are. Let us know your score @FilmDailyNews.

Do you belong in Hell, Heaven, or Earth? Find out which ‘Lucifer’ character you are!

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