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From explaining the pyramids to your weird neighbor, these alien memes will make you laugh out loud. Use them in your next group chat.

These hilarious alien memes will spice up your group chat

The number of UFO sightings jumped quite a bit in 2020. While looking up to the night sky might be a side effect of everyone’s quarantine boredom, it doesn’t change the fact everyone’s interest in whether aliens are out there has been renewed.

To celebrate our reinvigorated search for answers to the question “what the heck did I just see in the sky” we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite alien memes. We hope you laugh as much as we did.


Remember last year when we all joked about stampeding through the gates of Area 51 in order to get a look at what’s really happening in there? That seems like a lifetime ago now. Too bad only five people showed up.

Wait a second

They stopped keeping aliens in Area 51 ages ago, they’re actually in Area 42 now.

(For the curious: No there aren’t actually fifty other top secret compounds owned by the government, Groom Lake got its nickname from where it’s located on maps.)

Lost in translation

Okay, sending Samuel L. Jackson to make first contact was maybe not the best plan.

Beer bros

Turns out the aliens are actually pretty cool and just want to hang out. They don’t have beer on their planet so they just want to split a six pack and watch the football game with us.


It’s all fun and games until you accidentally reveal that one of your classmates is actually from another planet.

Pick-up line for the nerd in your life

Use this line on the alien hunter in your life and watch them melt.

We want to believe

Cher and the X-Files – the crossover we didn’t know we needed.

One for the history majors

Hundreds of people did back breaking work without modern technology to build these pyramids and now we’re giving the credit to aliens we’ve never even been able to prove exist. Ouch.

Remember the ancient texts

When memes come full circle.


We don’t actually recommend sending this card to someone who is pregnant . . . it likely won’t go over very well.

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