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Just how many more seasons will 'Grey's Anatomy' continue to air? After recent news, it may very well go on forever. How excited are you about season 18?

End it already! How many seasons of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ are too many?

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, which is currently airing its 17th season, is a beloved show for many viewers, given its relatable characters and rich storytelling. However, ask any Grey’s Anatomy faithful and they’ll likely share with you how the show, while consistent, is simply not what it used to be. But how many more seasons will Grey’s Anatomy continue to pump out for ABC?

It was announced yesterday that Grey’s Anatomy will be returning for an 18th season on ABC, along with the spinoff series, titled Station 19, also returning for a fifth season. As well, Grey’s Anatomy lead Ellen Pompeo has inked a new deal to return, receiving an undisclosed pay raise in the process. She will be joined by fellow series regulars Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr. If you’re a Grey’s fan, this is excellent news! 

However, for many fans of this hospital drama, season 17 of the show, and more specifically its plot line surrounding COVID-19 and the current protests of reality might have served as a perfect send-off for this once beloved program. This notion is even more so backed by the fact that Grey’s Anatomy opted to bring back many familiar characters that we have loved over the seasons. So why continue with the show? 

Meredith clocks back in

Just how many more seasons will Grey’s Anatomy continue to produce? Well, we now know that there’ll be an 18th season, with perhaps even more along the way.  It was announced that Pompeo, the star of the series ever since its first season, had finally received the pay raise she fought for with ABC & Disney, aiming to set an example for women and their worth, even though she was already making $20 million a year.

This past season saw Meredith Grey spending most of her on-screen time in a hospital bed, fighting the coronavirus as she fell into a dreamlike escape. Specifically, her dreams took her to a luxurious beach where she was reunited with some of her past friends, family, as well as the love of her life. 

One would assume that the return of Derrick Shepard, as well as George O’Malley, Mark Strong, and her sister Lexie would be the perfect conclusion to the series, as it brought back the same faces which made us fall in love with the show in the first place, right? Regrettably, it appears not, as not only will we likely never see these characters again during the show’s run, but now we’re also losing Dr. Avery actor Jesse Williams, too.   

How many seasons do we need? 

Grey’s Anatomy has had multiple chances to end with a beautiful series finale. We even contend that the show could have ended perfectly back during its season 5 finale, where Izzy, who is desperately being resuscitated by her cohorts, dreams of entering Heaven’s elevator once more in her pink dress, with George O’Malley waiting at the top in his military suit. Is the show about those two characters? No. But it would’ve been beautiful.

That being said, we get it. Grey’s draws in too big an audience. In its 17th season, Grey’s Anatomy still proves to be a massive asset for ABC & Disney. The show ranks as broadcast’s No. 1 entertainment series in the 18-49 demo and as ABC’s top drama series among total viewers and the advertiser-coveted demo. 

With delayed viewing, Grey’s averages north of 15 million total viewers and 6.18 in the demo, up 4 percent vs. season 16. The series is also a global phenomenon and broadcast all over the world. It’s also become a cash cow with a rich streaming deal at Netflix, where it ranks as one of the company’s most watched library titles. So, just how many more seasons before it ends? We believe that the show will never flatline. 



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