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Rory Gilmore is the star of 'Gilmore Girls' but she didn't always make the best choices. Check out her biggest mistakes here.

Is ‘Gilmore Girls’ problematic? All the times Rory was a drama queen

Gilmore Girls is perhaps one of the most fondly remembered dramedies of all time. Following Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and her teenage daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel), the mother-daughter duo navigated school, work, family, and love over the course of seven seasons (plus one revival series). With the patent banter and the charmingly eccentric Stars Hollow, it was a series to enjoy deeply. 

Looking back on the series, however, some cracks definitely show, especially with the characters. We’re talking about how Rory Gilmore is the f***ing worst. Looking back on the series, you feel the need to progressively scream at her as the series goes on. Never mind if she should end up with Dean (Jared Padalecki), Jess (Milo Ventimiglia), or Logan (Matt Czuchry) – those boys deserved better.

Let’s go over all the times Rory Gilmore made us want to scream at her.

She dropped out of Yale

You know what? Sometimes, college doesn’t work out. You can have the designation of the “smart kid” all your life. With your grades effortless & perfect, but you hit college and realize that you don’t want this. That’s valid. What’s not valid is that Rory goes to Yale and has to actually work hard for the first time in her life. Because she gets criticism on her journalism assignment? She drops out.

Girl. No. We work in journalism as well. Sure people call it “soft journalism” because we write about television and whatnot. But it still counts! People are always going to have criticism for you. You don’t drop out of college over it? This is why boomers call us “special snowflakes” – what the heck, Rory Gilmore.

She showed up at a job interview with no ideas to pitch

You want us to bring up the yacht thing? We’re not doing that. Everyone brings up that yacht thing. We’re bringing up the time Rory went to a job interview with Sandee Says without a pitch. If you want to be a content writer, then you need a pitch. You look up what the place you’re going into is doing, then pitch based on the content they produce. 

Of course, this varies from place to place. But, at least, have one pitch locked & loaded. It doesn’t have to be a great pitch. It just has to be something to showcase that you understand the voice of the place you’re looking at. Rory, c’mon – you’re supposed to be smart here

The cheating! 

Rory Gilmore has been the other woman not once, but twice! She went into a relationship with Dean, knowing that he was married. Because that’s always a great idea. Then, and then, she turned down Logan’s proposal at the end of Gilmore Girls. Only to sleep with him while he’s engaged to another woman! It sounds like she never wants her boyfriends until they aren’t available. 

And, yeah, it takes two people to cheat. Both Dean & Logan knew what they were doing. But this is starting to be a pattern with Rory. And that’s not a great look. You do you with your sex life, but most people don’t want to be the one being cheated on with, you know? Like Lorelai said, they aren’t yours anymore, Rory! But she’ll always see her exes as hers.

She makes everything about her

Rory Gilmore is easily one of the most selfish characters on television. Period. Anything that’s not about her has to be about her. When her friends come to her about their problems? Nah, sis, it’s Rory Gilmore hour. Her mother wants Rory at her graduation? Gilmore Girls who? Rory has to go get her mans. Lorelai & Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) going to a concert? Rory swipes those tickets. 

If they weren’t on separate TV shows, then we would assume she was related to Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) of Glee. Their selfishness knows no bounds and ruined their television shows on a rewatch. 

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