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Can we #FinishInfinityTrain? Creator Owen Dennis shares how push for more 'Infinity Train' beyond season 4.

#FinishInfinityTrain: Why are ‘Infinity Train’ fans demanding more than 4 seasons?

Infinity Train season 4 is out so that means the series is over, right? Not necessarily. Sure, season 4 of Infinity Train was the last season produced before the series was unceremoniously cancelled by Cartoon Network & HBO Max. Fans, however, are more determined than ever to make sure that creator Owen Dennis can fulfill his dreams of completing Infinity Train past season 4.

Infinity Train has been praised by both fans & critics for its thoughtful exploration of dealing with trauma. Each denizen of the train has a number on their body, which goes up or down depending on if they learn certain lessons. The lower the number, the closer the person aboard the train is to become a better version of themself, to dealing with their trauma. The series has been praised by both critics & fans over its run.

Why was Infinity Train cancelled?

From what we, largely, understand is that the main reason why Infinity Train ended with season 4 was due to the fact that the Powers that Be (the network execs) believed that the series was too dark for children. Which, hey, we don’t get because two of Cartoon Network’s most popular shows: Steven Universe and Adventure Time were both hella dark in their own ways.

Steven Universe Future was literally all about Steven dealing with his PTSD. Adventure Time grappled with themes of loneliness, isolation, intrusive thoughts. Infinity Train, however, is one big metaphor for trauma & growth from that trauma. In the end, many people become a better person from their time on the train: learning how to empathize, how to move on, how to be brave, how to care. 

Sure, Infinity Train is a dark show. Going through season 4, the darkness is part of the series. Infinity Train, however, is a hopeful one as well. You have to be a pretty awful person to not learn the lesson that the train has to teach you. If darkness is the main reason for the cancellation? Then shame on the people who cancelled it. The series deserved better.


With the positive reception that Infinity Train season 4 had, Dennis is not letting the series go gentle into that goodnight. No. He has a plan to get more seasons of Infinity Train back on the track. Talking with Inverse, Dennis said, “Watch all the seasons of Infinity Train on HBO Max. If it’s not in your country yet, then do it legally when it arrives (and it will arrive).”

He added that he plans to get the right to make Infinity Train merch, “I’m trying to get a license to the show so I can make merch. If that happens, buy some merch! Companies respond to money, numbers, and personal emotions. You have to make numbers so undeniably big and audacious that they can’t deny you. If you like a particular toy or merch manufacturer, tell them you’d love to buy Infinity Train stuff.”

Finally, Dennis’s last bit of advice is to keep talking about Infinity Train whether the newly released season 4 or some of your fave moments, “I also would say talk about the show freely. Don’t be embarrassed about liking animation. Talk about animation like you would any other show or movie. Include animated shows in your year-end top lists, don’t put animated shows in a separate list.”

Could Infinity Train be saved?

Infinity Train being saved is always in the realm of possibility. Series can be cancelled and revived elsewhere depending on fan reaction and how studios handle things. So we won’t say never ever. But it would probably take a bit of convincing for HBO Max & Cartoon Network to renew it, you know? 

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