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'Infinity Train' ends its run with book 4. Delve into the most memorable moments of the other books to say goodbye to the series.

‘Infinity Train’ book 4 is out: Say goodbye with these memorable moments

Infinity Train book 4 is in the books, which marks the end of the beloved series. Originally hailing from Cartoon Network, the series follows a group of passengers stuck on a surreally fantastical train trying to escape. Each season follows a different passenger on the Infinity Train as it chugs along. Book 4, which aired on HBO Max, serves as the conclusion of the series.

Infinity Train has been praised from both fans & critics for its thoughtful exploration of dealing with trauma. Each denizen of the train has a number on their body, which goes up or down depending on if they learn certain lessons. The lower the number, the closer the person aboard the train is to becoming a better version of themself, to dealing with their trauma.

Infinity Train book 4 follows best friends Min-Gi Park & Ryan Akagi, who enter the train together both bearing the same number on their hands and wearing matching grey jumpsuits. The central issue of the season is rebuilding a friendship, focusing on the relationship between the pair on the train over figuring out the mysteries of the train. It’s the kind of storytelling that makes Infinity Train shine.

Here are other moments from other books that also make the series sing.

Tulip chooses to stay

Our first protagonist from Book 1 of Infinity Train is Tulip, a teenage girl who wants to design video games that’s having a hard time with her parents divorce. Over the course of her Book, Tulip’s main issue is learning to sympathize with others points of view, even when they hurt her. Upon sympathizing with the crazed Amelia, Tulip’s number goes down to zero, and she gets the chance to return home.

Rather than leave, however, Tulip makes her decision to stay to help Atticus, who has been turned into a Ghom, return to normal, to get rid of Amelia as the Conductor of the train. It not only shows her growth for the season. The decision to stay shows how deeply Tulip cares about her friends and how she wants the train to help others properly as she has been helped.

It’s just a really nice character moment that echoes how the Infinity Train can help others, which a sentiment echoed to Book 4. You just have to be willing to put in the work to change.

M.T. names herself Lake

Tulip’s Mirror image, or M.T. as she prefers to be called, spends the entirety of Book 2 trying to find her way out. She wants to be treated as a person. She wants to be seen as her own individual with her own thoughts and beliefs. Jesse sees her as such, as her friend, which is what draws him back to the Infinity Train. Because M.T. is his friend and she deserves her own life.

Thanks to One-One’s help, Jesse is able to get M.T. off the train. Free of being on the run from the Mirror Police, free of the Infinity Train, free to just be herself, M.T. gives herself the name of Lake as she, Jesse, and Jesse’s little brother, Nate, look out over a lake together. It’s a really powerful ending to a storyline about personhood and trying to discover who you are after your identity has been wrapped in someone else.

Amelia & Grace’s redemption

Amelia was the main antagonist of Infinity Train Book 1 while Grace was the antagonistic character in Book 2. Both, however, appear in their redemption arcs in Book 3 of Infinity Train. It’s interesting to see them at two different points of their lives on the train. Grace is slowly coming to realize that her worldview of the train was cruel and callous, rather than helpful.

Amelia, meanwhile, wants to atone for her actions. Her name is shrinking, signifying that she’s getting better as a person and a human being. It’s interesting to see how that change is making her better, redemptive, trying. Grace is on the road for a similar moment of character growth. Seeing these two interact, it’s one of the most fascinating moments of the series.

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