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Are you a fashion lover? Check out these looks from the upcoming Netflix series 'Emily in Paris' to inspire your inner fashionista!

‘Emily in Paris’: The fashion injection need for these quarantine times

Get ready to be obsessed with Netflix’s new fashion-forward series. Lily Collins embraces her inner Audrey Hepburn in new Netflix series Emily in Paris. Collins plays Emily Cooper, a girl from a midwestern town who gets swept away by a French marketing firm to provide an American perspective for their company. 

Feast your eyes on this new Netflix series that’s set to premiere on October 2nd. Here are some of the looks from Emily in Paris that make us even more excited for this stylish new series. 

Oversized green jacket with plaid dress

This gorgeous green coat has all the pockets a girl needs – and we’re living for it. The cute scarf & hat are great accessories against this simple pastel green garment. Emily may be from the Midwest, but her keen eye for style is perfect for Paris’s high standard for fashion

Winter coat – but high fashion

Emily managed to find a matching dress and puffer coat, and we’re envious. It might be freezing in Paris, but that doesn’t mean she can’t look fantastic in the cold. Emily is bringing springtime in the winter with bright flowers and a hot pink beret.


Black & white outfit with red accent

Fully embracing her fresh Parisian persona, Emily opts for a red beret in this casual look. Her black-and-white checked 0utfit harkens back to her Midwestern sensibilities. The whole look perfectly combines old & new Emily. 

Black tulle dress

Emily casually wears this stunner at a party in front of the Eiffel Tower. You know, just a typical night in Paris. The soft tulle balances the dark color of this strapless dress. Against the warm lighting from the Eiffel Tower, Emily fits right into the classic Paris landscape. 

Floral work attire

If this is Emily’s typical work outfit, she should win Cutest Dress Award at her new marketing company. The tropical flower pattern is colorful, yet understated to fit into the professional world. This look proves, even without accessories, how Emily can pull off any look, no matter the occasion. 


Black off-the-shoulder gown

We’re gagging over this gorgeous black gown that screams Audrey Hepburn’s Funny Face. Emily’s hair & makeup perfectly match Hepburn’s classic look from the 1957 film. Emily’s even wearing a diamond hairpiece like Hepburn. 

With stylish heels that match her disco ball handbag, Emily’s looking stunningly regal here. While we love that tulle, Emily stepped up her game with this polished, mature gown.

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