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Ellen DeGeneres’s Instagram page is full of some bizarre content – that’s where The Ellen DeGeneres Show posts clips of interviews, promos, and weird internet videos.

Ellen DeGeneres’s Instagram: The strangest posts she’s made

Ellen DeGeneres’s Instagram page is full of some bizarre content – that’s where The Ellen Show posts clips of interviews, promos, and weird internet videos. However, during quarantine we got to see a little more of Ellen herself and those videos were . . . strange.

DeGeneres is always presented as a very down to earth, relatable image. Then her tone-deaf video about quarantine being like prison as she sat in one of her multi-million dollar houses brought Ellen’s relatable status crashing down. People began to take a closer look at Ellen’s content & her bad behavior. After taking a second look at her Instagram page, here are the strangest posts she’s made of herself. 

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Sounds like things are good over at @JohnLegend and @ChrissyTeigen’s house.

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Awkward hellos 

Ellen makes an impromptu phone call to John Legend & Chrissy Teigen to check up on her celebrity “friends”. The Instagram video sees Ellen splayed on her couch as she laments to the couple how bored she is, even musing that she “wished she had kids” because she was so bored.

An uncomfortable joke

Ellen has a knack for making people the butt of her jokes in a rather insensitive way. Her familiar punching bag is her show’s producer Any Lassner who Ellen’s dubbed “Average Andy”. In this Instagram post Ellen shows a clip of Andy’s head superimposed on a beefy fellow in an aerobics workout video. 

Ellen finds the clip hilarious even though Andy quietly asked her not to show it moments before it begins. It may be Ellen’s idea of a joke but not ours.

Everywhere you look is Ellen

The next addition to Ellen’s Instagram marks when Ellen officially started to go stir-crazy. For some reason she decided to film a new intro to her quarantine version of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and landed on a style reminiscent of a 90s sitcom. 

Ellen playfully chucks around a frisbee, poses on a rock, and runs inexplicably into the distance while her name hovers in the credits underneath her each time. We can’t help but wonder if that’s how Ellen sees herself in real-life.

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Who likes magic?

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Magic isn’t in the air

Ellen treats us to a bit of clairvoyant mysticism as she tries to guess the card she holds up to the video. Unfortunately all we saw was Ellen’s deluded confidence kick in as she guesses wrong each time.

Ellen’s a bit puzzled

It appears Ellen got herself into a bit of a tricky situation when she embarked on a 4,000 piece puzzle challenge. 4,000 pieces is a huge puzzle to undertake which Ellen began to realize only after a few hours of work. Ellen discovers that her table just isn’t up for the task of such a big puzzle and mumbles that she’s not going to continue as her name is apparently Ellen “Not Stupid” DeGeneres.

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I think this is what the kids call “meta”.

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Ellen watching Ellen while we watch Ellen

They say that entertainers are the most narcissistic people in the world and we’re not arguing. In this video Ellen shows us what she likes to do during quarantine. One of her favorite pastimes appears to be watching her own show – not only just watching it but basking in it. 

Ellen gushes over her show as something that makes people forget about their “fear & anxiety” with such enthusiasm that it gets to be a bit much. As one person commented on the post: “This gets creepy to watch”. 

Ellen’s next plug in this Instagram post is for her game show titled Ellen’s Game of Games. She urges the viewers to watch the show because like she maintains, “There’s nothing better than watching people fall down, fly up in the air, and get dunked in gross stuff”.

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