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Are you already missing the Duke of Hastings? Let's see why we fell in love with Hastings in the first place. Here's his best 'Bridgerton' moments.

Will you miss ‘Bridgerton”s Duke of Hastings? Rewatch his hottest moments

Just like Jane Austen’s beloved & infamous Pride & Prejudice, we’ve cried, laughed, and fallen in love with another couple that were clearly made for each other! Thanks to Shonda Rhimes, we watched a romance blossom within seconds and we don’t regret a second of it. 

We have to admit – our egos were very high & mighty in the beginning, not wanting to “catch feelings” as we do with all dramas, but binge-watching Bridgerton during this lockdown season was probably the best Netflix decision we’ve ever made! 

Simon Hastings aka Regé-Jean Page is stubborn, hotheaded, and everything we could’ve wanted for his true love Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor), and for us. Though Hastings admitted that his love for his Duchess “was not love at first sight”, we were head-over-heels for the actor since the very first episode.

And after such a wild romance and finally welcoming a Hastings child to the Bridgerton family, it’s been confirmed by Shonda Rhimes & Regé-Jean Page that our gorgeous Duke of Hastings won’t be returning to London for the next event of the season. 

Goodbye, Bridgerton

Regé-Jean Page told Variety: “It’s a one-season arc. It’s going to have a beginning, middle, end – give us a year. (I thought) ‘That’s interesting,’ because then it felt like a limited series. I get to come in, I get to contribute my bit, and then the Bridgerton family rolls on.”

Page further explained: “I have nothing but excitement for ‘Bridgerton’ continuing steam train off and conquer the globe. But there is also value in completing these arcs and sticking the landing.”

Though the Duke of Hastings had quite “the ride of a life time”, we’re going to miss the Duke’s arrogance and undying love for his Duchess. Let’s relive some of his best Bridgerton moments. 

“What is your name?”

Daphne & Simon meet in a room full of people and desperate housewives. Basically, their location is definitely not one for the books, but their “meet-cute” is! 

A complete disaster and slightly awkward conversation with a man old enough to be Daphne’s father tries to court her, so she runs towards her knight in shining armor, the Duke of Hastings. However, she has no clue who she’s talking to and only has the best sarcastic lines to say. It’s also the moment we knew these two could handle one another. 

The Duke of Hastings rolls his eyes and tells Daphne: “Am I honestly to believe you do not already know my name.” And that’s the level of confidence we all aspire to have my Lord. 

Best friend

Who can forget the moment when the Duke of Hastings confessed his love to the Queen! Though it was unfortunate that Simon almost died before marrying Daphne, when he makes a decision he certainly sticks to it. 

After his fiancé’s failed attempt to win the Queen’s blessing to marry, the Duke steps in with the best piece of Shonda Rhimes yet: “To meet a beautiful woman is one thing, but to meet your best friend in the most beautiful of women is something entirely apart. 

“And it is with my sincerest apologies, I must say it took the prince coming along for me to realize I did not want Miss Bridgerton to only be my friend . . . I wanted her to be my wife. I want her to be my wife.” Swoon! 


Throughout the wedding we waited for the Duke to speak up, smile, laugh, or show any emotion towards his new bride. However, when the couple were finally alone and cozied up in a nearby cottage, Hastings finally gifted us another one of his tasty speeches confessing:

“Everything I told the queen was true. I cannot stop thinking of you. From the mornings you ease, to the evenings you quiet, to the dreams you inhabit . . . my thoughts of you never end. I am yours, Daphne. I have always been yours.” Well, it’s about damn time! But how could anyone stay mad at him?

First dance

Bridgerton & Hastings’s great charade started with the dance of the season. In fact, the pair dances effortlessly with a thousand eyes starring them down. It’s like the Duke claims: “With you (Daphne) on my arm, the world will believe I’ve finally found my duchess.” 😭

Are you going to miss Bridgerton’s Duke of Hastings as much as we are? Are you still looking forward to the second season? Let us know in the comments below! 

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