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Will ‘Dexter’ Be a Blood Spatter in Season 09?

Life is full of contradictions. It’s not just relationships; there are lots of fun things that end badly, so are TV series. Several Hollywood series get high ratings from IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes throughout their season and are liked by many viewers. However, not a few titles that actually make the audience disappointed because it ends beyond expectations.

Many loyal and enthusiastic fans follow the stories presented episodically. Unfortunately, at the end of the story, this series ended badly and disappointed fans. 

We all know that you, Dexter fans, would probably know what we’re talking about. But don’t worry, despite how the ending made us scratching our heads in frustration, Dexter is going to come to the surface with the upcoming Season 9, as shown in the trailer.

What’s Dexter All About

Dexter is Another quality and unique crime series with a bad ending. Maybe the creative team’s brilliant ideas have been drained to make good cases from the first airing season. Dexter is the ideal series for those who hate Gary Stu, aka the too-perfect character.

Working as a blood pattern analyst in the police force, Dexter Morgan looks like a good and normal figure in society. But the twist is, at night, Dexter turns into a sadistic serial killer. However, he only kills those who deserve to be killed, aka serial killers who have escaped police pursuit.

Dexter’s hobby of killing people cannot be separated from his childhood trauma. Before being adopted by Harry Morgan, Dexter witnessed firsthand his mother was killed and then later mutilated. Harry, who later discovers Dexter’s penchant for murder, directs him only to kill serial killers.

This series won various awards and received criticism because Dexter’s figure was considered to make people think that serial killers should not be tried and killed immediately. Unfortunately, at the end of the eighth episode, Dexter ended in a “meh” way, making the audience disappointed.

After accidentally removing the breathing tube that killed Debra, his sister, Dexter threw his sister’s body into the sea. The next day, news emerged that Dexter had died at sea. However, before the credit title, Dexter’s figure is shown still alive in the middle of a wooden barn with an unkempt appearance. Alright, that’s it. After that, the series was no longer produced. At least it was before the new trailer came up.

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Dexter Season 9 Trailer

Finally, Dexter Season 9 trailer has appeared. Dexter is one of the most famous serial killer dramas in America. In one of the TV shows, there is a surprising announcement regarding the return of the serial killer series.

The announcement at the end of 2020 certainly surprised fans of the series because the last airing of the drama took place eight years after Dexter Season 8. The return of the fan series is seen as an opportunity to wrap up its final run.

Because in season 8, Dexter was quite controversial, which makes many viewers feel dissatisfied when watching it. Hopefully, the long years of waiting might be worth it.

The Dexter series will return with its new title, New Blood. The title is a continuation of the series with the same title, which last aired in 2013. Showtime’s production party released its first trailer through an event called Comic-Con at Home.

In the trailer, actor Michael C. Hall plays a serial killer again. The trailer shows that Dexter Morgan’s character has started his new life under a new name, Jim Lindsay. In the last episode of Dexter Season 8 in 2013, the killer faked his death.

He now works as a woodcutter in New York’s Iron Lake area. In addition, the killer also opened a shop selling sporting goods. Through these efforts, he managed to gain access to several shapes and types of knives.

Through the show, Michael C. Hall shared that he had been thinking about bringing the character back for a long time. Michael C. Hall also believes that enough time has passed so that storytelling opportunities could be more enjoyable.

There will also be a lot of time going on between the end and now. Clyde Phillips in Eton Line mentions that the main character’s escape from his life as a bloodthirsty killer is not a very long effort.

In addition, Dexter’s character also has what people call a stowaway growing inside of him. The character tends to be more stable than before, but the stowaway is a voice he can’t ignore.

Release Date

The production team has announced the release date for the Dexter series reboot during the event panel titled Comic-con 2021.

In addition, they also confirmed that the return of this serial killer series is only a few months away. The premiere of the season 9 series, entitled New Blood, on Showtime on November 7, 2021.

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