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These creepy stories of cursed movies will haunt you forever. Did your favorite movie make our list? Find out here.

Is your favorite movie cursed? The most cursed movies of all time

There are endless stories about cursed movies and cursed movie sets. From The Wizard of Oz through The Passion of the Christ, Hollywood is filled with stories about movies where unexplained tragedy struck the cast & crew. Unsurprisingly, many involve darker stories or demonic possession. 

Here are the most chilling stories of haunted movie sets. Even scarier, the curse sometimes follows the cast & crew for years after filming is done! Here are our scariest picks for the most cursed movies. 

The Exorcist (1973)

The Exorcist is considered a staple in horror movies and is still regarded as one of the scariest films of all time. Considering this cursed movie was about demonic possession, it’s not a big surprise the cast & crew ran into tragedy. 

On the cursed movie set, a fire engulfed everything except for Regan’s bedroom, the place where the demonic possession occurs in the film. Two actresses were injured, including Ellen Burstyn, who played Regan’s (Linda Blair) mother. The tragedies prompted filmmakers to hire an actual priest to exorcise the set. 

The curse followed actors and crew members well after the movie wrapped. In 1979, murder charges were brought up. In fact, the amount of injuries & deaths from the movie The Exorcist is so big, that E! True Hollywood ran a two-hour documentary about all the mishaps this cursed movie had attached to it.  

The Amityville Horror (1976, 2005) 

For people familiar with The Conjuring and Annabelle, this doesn’t come as a surprise. The Amityville Horror was the first film to document the work of prominent exorcists Ed & Lorraine Warren. The movie, based on the book, was about a teenager who murdered his entire family, allegedly while he was possessed. 

The first Amityville Horror movie was shot on location. Occurrences on the set were so disturbing, the real-life Ed & Lorraine Warren were called in to do surveillance. The Warrens found a picture of a boy with glowing white eyes. The boy is alleged to be the youngest Amityville murder victim, and it’s speculated to be his ghost or a demon. 

In the 2005 remake, actor Ryan Reynolds recounted that the cast & crew would mysteriously wake up at 3:15 AM every night. Right before the remake was filmed, a dead body washed up to the house. 

The Crow (1994)

This movie was supposed to be actor Brandon Lee’s big break. Son of the famous actor, stuntman, and martial artist Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee hoped this role would help him become an action star in his own right. During the final scene, due to a mixup with the stunt crew, Brandon Lee was shot with a live bullet and died on set. 

Apart from Brandon Lee’s tragic death on set, a crew member was nearly electrocuted from a faulty wire. He was on a crane and collided with the wire on the first day of shooting. The worker managed to survive his injuries despite burning most of his internal organs. 

The injuries didn’t stop there. A film publicist was also involved in a car accident and a crew member accidentally rammed a screwdriver through his hand. A truck also drove through the movie set and a stuntman broke several bones during a take. 

The Omen (1976)

The Omen faced many horrible accidents both on-set and off. The executive producer’s hotel was bombed, as was a restaurant cast & crew were scheduled to eat at. Both bombings were unrelated. The Omen actor Gregory Peck’s son died by suicide, shooting himself on set. An animal handler also died on set. 

The creepiest tragedy from this cursed movie is what happened to special effects consultant John Richardson. His assistant died in a tragic car accident where he was beheaded in a similar way to a character in The Omen. Even creepier . . . the accident happened on a Friday the 13th. 

The Innkeepers (2011)

The Innkeepers is a film about a haunted bed & breakfast. The Yankee Peddler Inn, the locations that inspired The Innkeepers, is an actual location in Connecticut that is very, very haunted. Like The Amityville Horror, this movie was filmed on location. 

The story follows two employees who exposed the history of the cursed inn. Likewise, strange happenings plagued the movie during filming. Cameras & TVs would turn off and on at random. Lights burnt out more than usual and cast & crew would have vivid nightmares nearly every night. 

Poltergeist (1982)

Whoever thought using real human skeletons during filming was a great idea should be fired. In the first Poltergeist movie, they decided to use real human remains in the flooded basement scene. Worse, they left the actors in the dark about their choice. Within six years, and during the filming of Poltergeist’s two sequels, tragedy struck. 

The Poltergeist curse followed four actors to their grave. One died from stomach cancer, another died from homicide and two others died of mysterious health circumstances. Tragically, the deaths included the little girl who played Carol Ann (Heather O’Rourke), who died of an unknown obstruction in her bowels. 

The Superman curse

It’s rumored that a curse follows actors who play Superman in any of the movies. The first Superman, Mark Reeves, was shot in the head. Famously, Christopher Reeve became paralyzed from the neck down after a horseback riding accident. 

Actors who were in the Superman movies weren’t exempt from the curse, either. Richard Pryor was diagnosed with MS after appearing in a Superman film. The actress who played Lois Lane received a bipolar diagnosis. 

However, not everyone who played The Man of Steel believes the movies are cursed. Both Smallville’s Tom Welling and Man of Steel star Henry Cavill both claim they don’t believe in the curse. 

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  • There is another movie that’s cursed. The Disney movie The Descendants is actually more cursed than The Exorcist bad luck and mishap happens to all people before it’s aired on TV the curse is real.

    December 20, 2021

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