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The Count from 'Sesame Street' has somehow become the mascot of the 2020 election. Here are all the best memes on Twitter.

The Count from ‘Sesame Street’ is the perfect election meme

When people talk about their favorite Sesame Street characters, so often people forget about Count von Count, better known as just the Count. The puppet who taught kids to count since 1972, The Count has remained a consistent part of the Sesame Street lineup. Heck, The Count has his own Twitter account where he tweets the number of tweets he’s up to daily! 

The Count is back, and this time, he’s linked to the U.S. Presidential election. “Counting” is controversial in 2020 due to a tight, nerve-shattering race – because mail-in ballots increased substantially this year, counting votes is taking forever! Though many are urging for every vote to be counted, people like U.S. President Donald Trump are demanding states stop counting votes and call the election. 

Specifically, Trump’s “STOP THE COUNT!” tweet has many people tying it directly to the character The Count. Thus, another election meme trend has been born! Enjoy these The Count memes as we await the final count of the U.S. Presidential election.

Your childhood nightmare gone viral

Apologies to anyone who was actually scared of The Count due to his villainous appearance

An essential part of voting

Counting every vote is key to having a fair election, according to The Count. 

Truly devious

Maybe we should in fact stop The Count. He’s terrorized Sesame Street for far too long. 

Too many counts to stop

There’s also The Count of Monte Cristo, Count Olaf of A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Count Paris in Romeo and Juliet, among others.

Get my wallet back!

The tweet does sound like something you yell at the pickpocket robbing you on the street.

Too powerful for Trump

We want to see Trump fight The Count now.

A true political icon

The Count for President in 2024 guys, we’re calling it now! 

The truth is close

With The Count on the scene, we know we’ll know the truth about Nevada by the end of the day.

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