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Is there another go-to place for celebrity sex scenes besides HBO Max? The premium cable channel turned streaming platform has its reputation for a reason.

What are the hottest celebrity sex scenes on HBO Max right now?

Things are heating up on the streamers, folks. As the streaming wars rage on, different platforms are snatching up all the greatest content the world has to offer. There are seemingly countless new series & movies various streamers are putting out to gain attention from subscribers, but one thing remains ever true: sex sells.

Streaming services offer something cable never could with uncensored content coming to nearly every platform available. As such, streaming subscriptions offer some of the best celebrity sex scenes you can find, without all the popups and crummy quality of your average softcore porn tube. 

HBO Max is currently leading the race for celebrity sex scenes, with some of the steamiest sequences available now. We’ve gathered the hottest celebrity sex scenes from HBO Max to get your motor running the next time you open the app.


Not only is Insecure one of HBO’s most engaging series, it’s also one of the sexiest shows they’ve ever put out. Insecure features a cast of beautiful people who are nearly always perfectly styled, and when they make their way to the bedroom, the result is celebrity sex scenes in which the characters seem anything but insecure.

There are so many hot celebrity sex scenes to choose from when you’re talking about Insecure, but our favorite lies at the end of season 1. Issa & Lawrence are done, but things seem hopeful for Issa after the two talk on the phone when Lawrence is at the strip club. 

We think Lawrence is returning home to Issa, but we’re shocked when we see Lawrence & Tasha in going at it with reckless abandon and see DomiNque Perry & Jay Ellis completely in the buff. Is it getting hot in here?

40 Days and 40 nights

2002’s 40 Days and 40 Nights is one of the horniest movies HBO Max has to offer. For those born in the 2000s, the film follows Josh Hartnett’s Matt Sullivan on a journey to go without sex of any kind (including self-love) for the forty days & nights of Lent.

The flick is full of horny hijinks, and Sullivan does everything he can to keep his vow. Unfortunately for him, during the jaunt, he falls in love with Shannyn Sossamon’s Erica. After the two get close, Erica wants to go all the way but Matt can’t do the deed. 

Instead, he blows flower petals all over Sossamon’s naked body in one of the most sensual celebrity sex scenes to ever come out of the early 2000s. Erica “gets there” from the experience, but Matt never touches her, so that doesn’t count, right?

Sex and the City

Okay, sex is in the name, so we aren’t breaking the mold telling you this, but it’s important to mention Sex and the City on our list. The show underscores HBO’s ability to bring subscribers the hottest celebrity sex scenes out there, and they’ve been doing the damn thing since the 90s, so let’s put some respect on its name.

There’s plenty of raunchy scenes to choose from when we’re talking about Sex and the City, but we like to think of Kim Cattrall as the most valuable nude bod to ever hit the show. Unlike many of her cast members, Cattrall wasn’t afraid to bare all for the series, and we love her for it.

We can’t pick just one episode – from Samantha’s tantric experience to her mindblowing ecstasy-induced marathon, to her uncharted exploration with Brazilian Maria, all Kim Cattrall’s celebrity sex scenes are unforgettable. The best part is you can turn on any episode, and be surprised by one you forgot about. What are you waiting for?

What’s your favorite celebrity sex scene? Light up your favorite in the comments below! 

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