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Celebrity sex scenes can be dramatic or hilarious, depending on the film. But who makes them work? Uncover the masterminds behind the intimacy.

Wanna work on celebrity sex scenes? Here’s your dream job

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes during celebrity sex scenes? Somehow, celebrity sex scenes end up looking so realistic & passionate, even though none of it is actually real. In adult films, real intercourse is taking place that you can visually see. In most movies & TV shows, it’s all pretty fake for the camera. 

Due to the perfect angles, lighting, and expert acting, celebrity sex scenes typically look legit. Landing a job as an intimacy coordinator on the set of a movie or TV show during a celebrity sex scene might sound like a dream job to some! Here’s what you need to know about the job.

celebrity sex scenes

Job description

Intimacy coordinators have been used on the set of shows like Bridgerton, I May Destroy You, and Sex Education. Shows like these are filled with so many celebrity sex scenes, an intimacy coordinator is definitely needed! So what does an intimacy coordinator do according to their job description? It’s pretty simple! 

They make sure actors remain safe by perfectly choreographing celebrity sex scenes that range from something as PG as a kiss to as R-rated as simulated sex. Whether the intimacy coordinator is coordinating a nude scene or a quick intimate touch, their guidance is majorly helpful.

celebrity sex scenes

Yarit Dor’s experience 

Yarit Dor is a London-based intimacy coordinator who’s been on the set of some major TV shows & adult movies in the past. According to her, coordinating a kissing scene can be quite complicated and the #MeToo movement impacted her career path heavily. Getting into the intimacy coordination position all began for Dor with her career as a dancer. 

She explained that she was “always interested in storytelling in bodies”. After realizing that celebrity sex scenes require a lot more focus than normal scenes on an everage set, she realized this was a career path for her. Dor explained, “I thought about the emotion of going into these scenes and sensitivity around how to work with performers. And considerations around safety.”

In other words, she doesn’t let actors blindly enter into celebrity sex scenes without any guidance. She ensures their welfare, even if there’s no romantic connection between the two people playing their parts.

celebrity sex scenes

A day in the life of an intimacy coordinator

Yarit Dor explained that she works as a third-party specialist comparable to what a stunt coordinator does. After reading a new script and breaking it down, she meets with the director to get a better grasp on their vision. From there, she attends plenty of production meetings with various departments including the makeup & costume departments. 

She explained that the actors in each scene hold onto their power of consent. This means they can withdraw their consent at any point during filming if they feel uncomfortable. This is important because it helps actors & actresses know they’re still in control no matter what.

celebrity sex scenes

How to get a job as an intimacy coordinator

Yarit Dor explained the training she received in order to have the job she currently has as an intimacy coordinator. She said, “I first started as an intimacy director in 2017 and worked in smaller theaters at first, and then the west end. And because of that I got offered to transfer my practice to the screen on channel 4’s Adult Material.” 

According to her, it’s easier to start off small and work your way up to bigger projects. Once she became a reliable intimacy coordinator, more doors of opportunity quickly began opening for her. 

Having a professional intimacy coordinator on the set of a thriving movie or TV show is an incredibly smart thing to do since it solves so many problems regarding awkward moments, consent, visual creativity, and the personal comfort of the stars in front of the camera.

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