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Happy throwback! Spike was one of the longest characters around on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. We’ve gathered some of the very best. See some spoilers.

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’: Simp for Spike over his best moments

Sometimes, we’re just in the mood for a nice throwback. Remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Remember Spike? We do! Because there was no character as complex and compelling in the show than the notorious vampire Spike. 

Originally, he wants to kill Buffy so he can add her to his list of defeated slayers. “William the Bloody”, however, ended up becoming one of the show’s most essential characters. He’s set on an intense & long pathway to redemption and it ends in a more than valorous fashion. 

During his six-season run, Spike ranged from the big bad to a love interest, comic relief, and a fighter. Everything about this meticulous & dark character felt so natural and needed for the show. Spike was one of the longest characters around on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, giving life to several memorable moments. We’ve gathered some of the very best. Hope you don’t mind spoilers!

Season 2, Episode 3

Buffy is in the midst of overcoming the trauma of facing The Master from season 1 finale. Season 2 might begin a little slowly, but things really pick up in “School Hoard”. Spike comes zooming into Sunnydale in his black-out DeSoto Fireflite, knocks down the welcome sign en route, and steps out. A cigarette greeted the world from his mouth, signifying he’s ready to cause chaos. 

It doesn’t take long for everyone to learn just how dangerous of a vampire he was. Remember, even Angel seemed concerned about Spike’s presence in town. 

In “School Rock”, Spike was at his most charismatic, sadistic, and capriciously evil.

Season 5, Episode 18

Spike’s genuinely, perhaps desperately in love with Buffy. But he knows nothing was ever going to happen between them, taking poor Spike to rock bottom. Meanwhile, his new hobby makes Glory’s minions think he is The Key. 

Spike gets kidnapped & tortured by the god until he gives up Dawn. But he doesn’t! No matter how much Glory cut him up and beat him, Spike refuses to betray Buffy and her sister. After making a dangerous escape, he goes back to his crypt to take care of his wounds. 

Upon learning Spike didn’t betray her, Buffy kisses him and realizes he can be a good person. 

Season 7, Episode 2

Season 7 was filled with the greatest moments. Following his assault on Buffy, Spike went on a personal soul-searching journey. Upon this season’s beginning, Buffy finds him out of his mind. But in “Beneath You, we witness Buffy learning the truth about the vampire’s soul. 

Perhaps, one day, we’ll learn the truth about our human souls!

Season 7, Episode 17

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans loved a good flashback episode. “Lies My Parents Told Me” is often deemed one of the greatest episodes in the season. Spike took to the stage and everyone tried to get the First Evil out of his head. 

After going through a bizarre test orchestrated by Giles, Spike realizes that the First Evil gang could control him by manipulating the memories he has of his late mother. The episode’s flashbacks show Spike as being a good son who tries to save his mother from her failing health. Unfortunately, it brings out the monster within her – thus Spike was forced to kill her.   

It’s a fast-paced episode where we saw Spike’s past for the horrific story it was. And he was forced to come to terms with his past once more. Somehow, even despite the certain circumstances, Spike is relatable. He would be far from being the only one forced to face a past he’d rather forget. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Spike gave us an interesting experience in the show. It’s hard to forget about this character. Do you have any favorite moments we didn’t mention? Let us know down below!

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