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From a gothy black to a sparkling two-tone, get into the timeless fashion of yesterday when you learn more about these iconic nails in films.

Iconic Nails in Films

Some of our favorite characters in films over the years have been known to set trends and inspire beauty standards with their iconic looks. While some of these looks have become solely reserved for legendary Halloween costumes, other styles have stuck around and become a staple in day-to-day fashion trends. 

Nail colors and trends are often inspired by celebrities and fictional characters alike, such as SNS Nails “Elsa’s Dress” inspired by Frozen, or OPI’s Hollywood Collection, an industry leader in nail fashion, often draws inspiration from Hollywood looks for colors and trends. 

When it comes to nails, some of the best manicure styles have been inspired by celebrities and fictional characters alike. Here are a few of the most iconic nails that made their debut in some of the greatest films of all time.

iconic nails films

Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games

Well-known for her eccentric, elaborate costumes, Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks), the escort of the District 12 tribune in The Hunger Games also sported some major manicures throughout the series, inspiring nail artists everywhere. 

Her iconic, red nail with gold glitter ombre tips became a super popular manicure choice we see splashed all over Instagram. You can easily swap out the red for another bold color and top with glittery tips for an Effie-inspired manicure. 

At your next salon visit, ask your nail tech to recreate this look or alternatively, you can try it yourself at home. SNS, a leader in the nail industry, shares expert tips, and tricks on how to get an Ombre dip powder manicure right at home.

iconic nails films

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was a beauty icon and an influencer before social media ever even existed. The ultra-feminine Monroe oozes sex appeal, beauty, and fashion, and has a mass following of those attempting to emulate her beauty. 

Her signature red nails and lips have become a mainstay in women’s fashion, even now 50 years later. Monroe’s favorite red polish was made by Revlon, a 60s classic. While her favorite colors, ‘Cherries a la Mode’ and ‘Hot Coral’, have been discontinued, there’s definitely the perfect red out there if you want to recreate Monroe’s style.

iconic nails films

Rosalyn in American Hustle

While American Hustle had a lot of nostalgic beauty moments encapsulating the late 70s, one of the most memorable is Jennifer Lawerence’s character, Rosalyn’s obsession with her glossy top coat from Switzerland. 

It’s brought up multiple times in the movie and in one scene at dinner, she gushes over it having everyone at the table smell her long, glossy red nails claiming, “It smells like flowers but with garbage!”

iconic nails films

Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction featuring Mia Wallace, played by Uma Thurman, is an iconic movie from the 90s, that’s become quite the classic still today. 

Mia’s most unforgettable look in the movie features a simple black bob with a loose white button-down shirt, a cigarette, and the infamous Vamp nail polish which is a deep, dark red that looks almost black. Vamp nail polish by Chanel came out in 1994 and quickly became a cult favorite.

This iconic nail polish is still sold by Chanel today as Rouge Noir.  

iconic nails films

Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

While he may not have been the first guy to rock black nail polish, Spike, played by James Marsters, definitely wore it well. His platinum blonde locks and vampy, black manicure had definitely started a trend among men in the 90s. Today, the male manicure has made a major comeback, and we’re definitely using Spike’s nail look as inspiration.

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