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New York City is one of the world’s greatest vacationer playgrounds. We guide you through your best girls (or boys) NYC trip, no matter your preferences.

Which NYC vacationer are you? ‘Broad City’ / ‘Girls’ / ‘Sex and the City’

It’s summer, it’s hot, and you’ve been working your butt off. This can only mean one thing: vacay time, chica! If you’re into good food and bustling nightlife, and you wanna party it up like the fun-loving Val in Broad City, New York is the place to be this time of year.

This bustling metropolis is truly one of the world’s greatest playgrounds – but not everyone likes to play in the same way. We’re here to guide you through a trip to the Big Apple with all the deets you need to have the best girls (or boys) trip no matter your preferences.

If you and your broke-ass queens dream of busting around the big city with Bingo Bronson and a backpack of weed, Broad City is your beat. If you’re a narcissistic millennial looking to party on daddy’s money while complaining about being broke and underappreciated, you’ll love the Girls NYC package.

And for privileged ladies (and gents) who brunch, shop, and are simply fabulous 24/7, a Sex and the City sojourn is the only way to spend your weekend away, sweetie.

Broad City bosses

Gettin’ there

First up are the flights. At this point, you and your bestie are probably gagging to get out of Hicksville, Florida – get yourselves to New York where there’s cultural diversity and sarcasm! The only downside is that like Abbi and Ilana, you’re both kinda broke. Not to worry though: Cheapflights offers all kinds of domestic deals where you can find round trips for under $200. If you’re flying international, Flighthub is cheap & cheerful. Yas, queen!

Stayin’ there

You need to a place to stay, but that budget’s been blown on the flights. Do not fret – get yourself a gig at the co-op or wing it at the temp agency while walking dogs on the side, and you should have a couple of hundred extra bucks to play about with.

You’re not going to make enough to five-star it, but that’s not your vibe anyway. Instead, head to Homestay where you’ll find cheap-ass apartments or rooms to rent for as little as $100 per night for two people.

Just make sure you read them reviews – you don’t want to end up in a living nightmare like Abbi did with that French dude! Or if you’re going with your fancy self, Hotwire features some incredible last-minute hotel deals. Check out its sale section, where you can book an NY hotel for as little as $49 per night – bargain, bitches!

Playin’ there

What with the flights and the hostel, your playtime funds are gonna be kinda low. But aside from a bag of weed and your fabulous selves, what else do you need money for? If you’re looking for free stuff to do in the Big Apple, head to Tripadvisor, where you’ll find a bunch of threads on its New York forum about free things to do in NYC.

There are tons of attractions to keep you going on some vape-fuelled adventures and when it gets to the evening time, hit up your NY homies on Insta and sniff out the best (free) house parties in town. Fingers x’ed your bestie will get blackout, transform into her nightclub alterego Val, and you can spend the rest of the evening in awe as she wows the crowd with her charismatic charm. No mo FOMO!

Cruisin’ there

Most of the time you’re gonna be getting from A to B via the NY subway system, where you’ll encounter a whole host of zany characters – it’s a jungle out there.

But if you’re looking to rent a car and you don’t want to deal with ludicrous insurance offers from incompetent employees (“I’m a terrible driver”), your best bet is Airport Rental Cars where customers have access to an endless range of rental companies. And you can save some bucks while you’re at it with deals like 35% off Budget Weekly and 35% savings on weekly or weekend rentals from Avis. Chaching!

Wearin’ it

You and your buddies are going to need some killer threads to show off those killer bods while you’re kickin’ it in NYC. Brokeass bosses like your fine selves can look like absolute queens with the right ensemble. For some affordable apparel, head over to the clearance section of Express where you can find pants for that angel ass or tops to show off those titties for as little as $10.

Girls group

Gettin’ there

Whether flying from Tokyo or Michigan, you’re looking to vacay in the Big Apple with your so-called besties in a bid to save your broken relationships while moaning about the daily strains of being a struggling creative.

Naturally, you’re using mommy & daddy’s credit card to book the flights, but you’re going to pay them back (once that internship you’re on starts paying you in cash rather than publishing credits). JustFly has some great deals on international flights, while Cheapflights offers all kinds of domestic deals that shouldn’t put too much strain on the plastic.

Stayin’ there

You’re obviously going to want to stay in Brooklyn where you can pay through-the-roof hotel rates and pretend you’re a part of the creative culture. Check out Tripadvisor’s 10 best Brooklyn hotels, or if you’re looking to kick back in an apartment where you and your friends can fight over how to julienne vegetables, Homestay is your best bet.

Of course, if the rents are treating you because you’ve been working so hard on that Vice feature – “A night in the life of a cocaine addict” – you might end up somewhere super fancy-pants like Hannah did when she stayed at the Warwick New York Hotel. If that’s the case, you can book as many nights as you need via

Playin’ there

When you’re not moaning your way through the morning among the sardonic clientele at Café Grumpy (a legit coffee shop in Brooklyn), you’re going to be heading to sloppy Bushwick parties, where “all of Brooklyn, two-thirds of Manhattan” and girls named Tako pack into crumbling warehouses to try crack for the first time and sweat to Britney Spears remixes. Sounds like fun, right?

Most of these parties will be word of mouth, but you’ll also find some strange suggestions on Tripadvisor’s Brooklyn nightlife section. Urban oyster tour, anyone?

Cruisin’ there

If you’re anything like Hannah, Marnie, or Jessa, you’re going to want to rent an open top just so you can blast that new Yona album that you don’t really like but you read about on the Dazed music section which means it must be cool and it totally suits that creative vibe you’re going for. Oh, and the open top is so not worth it unless it’s vintage. Head to Travelocity for deals.

Wearin’ it

Looking for colorful, inoffensive, on-trend but still indie and bohemian hipster threads for your NYC trip? Or maybe you just want a mesh tank where you can throw those titties about at a sweaty warehouse party. Whatever your preference, Modcloth’s got all your vintage-style needs.

Sex and the City sister

Gettin’ there

If Sex and the City is more your vibe, you’ll be flying in style, which means first class all the way. If your bestie’s new super-rich bae isn’t flying you on his private jet, you’ll just have to book the multi-thousand dollar flight with that seemingly endless salary you earn writing a weekly newspaper column.

That said, you’ll also need the perfect travel shoes (Manolo Blahnik’s all the way) so you’ll still need to save some dollars where you can. So whether you’re flying domestic or international, Hotwire is the ideal place for you to book those fancy flights on the cheap.

Stayin’ there

This is Sex and the City we’re talking about – the Hilton is the only place to be, darling, if only for that rooftop swimming pool. Check out its NYC section for the best deals on its prime locations.

Playin’ there

When SATC’s fab four weren’t showing their faces at the hottest parties in the city, they were debriefing their dating life at their regular brunch spot. Unlike Broad City and Girls, you’ve got cash to splash, which means you’ll be dining out in the finest SATC locations of Manhattan.

Tripadvisor’s insider’s guides are great for discovering new hotspots, including the 10 best Manhattan restaurants. And if you and your gal pals are anything like Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda, you’re going to want to tie in a Hamptons trip so you kick it at the beach and relive your 20s with a hot young dude (or dudette).

Just make sure you book your sojourn through Homeaway and don’t borrow your buddy’s Hampton holiday home – you don’t want to make the same mistake as Carrie and get caught up in an awkward marriage breakdown.

Cruisin’ there

Car rental? You must be delusional! You’ll be cabbing it all the way to the Upper East Side (until you find your Mr. Big and you’ll be carted around by his driver).

Wearin’ it

The most important aspect of your SATC NYC vacay is without a doubt your wardrobe. SATC obsessives never slack on the threads – because who needs things like cars or houses when you can spend an apartment down payment on designer shoes? For your New York wardrobe, head over Neiman Marcus and nab yourself Vogue’s summer style collection (and put the whole thing on the plastic, of course).

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