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We’re very excited to welcome 'Pose' back to our screens very soon. Meantime, watch one of these indie LGBTQI web series to get you in the mood.

Here’s a brief history of those HBO shows and their Emmy nominations (or lack thereof), including this year’s nominations for the network.

It’s summer, it’s hot, and you’ve been working your butt off. This can only mean one thing – Vacay time, chicas! If you’re into good food, bustling nightlife,

You’d be forgiven for lauding Jason Bateman’s central performance in 'Ozark' as the best on the show. But while his journey into a serious role is not without

It is with heavy hearts we say farewell to 'The Americans'. Our favorite Soviet spy show just concluded its six-season run this week and we’re only just about

If you’re anything like us, you’re currently all about Donald Glover. The award-winning actor, writer, director, musician, and overall renaissance man has just wrapped up S2 of 'Atlanta'.

'Life of the Party' brings Film Daily fave Gillian Jacobs back to the big screen. Honestly, we wish to see her way more on both the big and

Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody’s touching comedy drama 'Tully' is hitting the theaters this weekend – a film that offers a baffling and touching look at motherhood and

Sure, classics like 'Annie Hall' and 'The Philadelphia Story' are considered true benchmarks of the genre, as somewhere long-standing tropes and conventions may be traced back to. But