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'On My Block' is set to end with season 4 on Netflix. Before the release date hits, get hyped with fans about the series end.

Has Netflix finally leaked ‘On My Block’ season 4 release date?

Netflix’s beloved series On My Block is set to end with its fourth season. The series, which follows a group of friends who live in the rough inner city LA neighborhood of Freeridge, has been beloved by critics and fans alike since it premiered on the service back in 2018 on Netflix. With a season 4 release for the final season of the series just around the corner? On My Block fans have some major feelings.

With the release date of season 4 of On My Block dropping on Netflix on Oct. 4, we’re going to look over at Twitter to see the fan reactions for the series as it heads into the final stretch. 


October be wildin’

It’s going to be a wild month on Netflix.


Get it, ladies



*cues up On My Block to watch*

Time to rewatch the whole series before the season 4 release date.


We are Stress

We’re all stressed.



Time to manifest what we want from the series.


What time is it?

Everyone is waiting very patiently.



Let Spooky have a happy ending 2021.






Ah On My Block, you make the price of Netflix worth it.


*hair flip*

Don’t @ us, thanks.


Are you excited for the last season of On My Block? Will you be watching season 4 on its Oct. 4th release date? Let us know in the comments below. 

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