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We humbly present you with our Netflix bingewatchers’ special, comedy edition. Sorry in advance for your eye strain.

Here are nine young adult shows currently on the air featuring female characters as bold as 'The Bold Type'.

After The OA S2 and Us, there's a full slate of fresh TV comedies to shake us out of our existential slump before The Twilight Zone drops next

To help you navigate your bingewatching escapades as assuredly and confidently as possible, here’s our guide to all the Netflix Originals teen TV shows and movies you’ll want

Navigating romantic relationships as a teen was never easy – not only were we finding our feet, but we had those dreaded hormones to contend with. Luckily we

Netflix has a veritable feast of a back catalogue available to stream on command. We thought we’d ignore obvious hits such as 'Stranger Things' and Marvel’s exercises in

There’s no denying that certain moments of 'The Breakfast Club' are a little hard to watch, but has any teen film ever not be? Film Daily runs down

Generation Y aren’t just the future of our society – they’re also the future of our TV shows. And if the current crop of young-adult programming is anything