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'Black Panther' shook the culture in 2018. Here are ten other movies with black superheroes you should check out.

Not seen ‘Black Panther’ yet? Here are the OG black superheroes to revisit

While the MCU fans of the world are aflurry rushing to see The Avengers: End Game, we’re dedicating our weekend to bingewatching our favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movies from the past 10+ years. Black Panther will always be one of our favorite movies, not least due to T’Challa’s (Chadwick Boseman) alter ego being one of our fave-ever superheroes.

While we’re pretty disappointed in the dearth of superheroes of color leading films and TV shows, there are still a number of POC superheroes featured. Here’s the essential list of the ten best superheroes of color worth celebrating alongside Black Panther.

10. Blankman (Blankman)

Damon Wayans’s superhero parody is one of the few in cinema history not based on a comic book. It’s fun and ridiculous, but also provides a perfect, tongue-in-cheek riff on superhero movies of the 80s and 90s. In fact, Blankman actually proves himself a pretty slammin’ caped crusader.

9. Cyborg (Justice League)

Ray Fisher’s portrayal of a young man struggling to accept his new machine hybrid body was a highlight in an otherwise unremarkable movie. Apparently, Cyborg will even be getting his own standalone movie – terrific news for fans.

8. John Hancock (Hancock)

The movie might have been a hot mess, but that doesn’t change the fact that Will Smith’s cantankerous, reluctant superhero was a compelling character.

7. Steve Montgomery (Chronicle)

Before the movie’s jaw-dropping finale, Steve (Michael B. Jordan) spends the best part of the movie using his superhuman abilities goofing off and playing pranks on people. Honestly, isn’t that how everyone would test out their superhuman capabilities?

6. Frozone (The Incredibles)

Played with pun-worthy coolness by the eminently chill Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction), the iced crusader was smooth, hilarious, and just as guilty of losing all his essential, everyday items as the rest of us.

5. Storm (X-Men)

It’s Halle Berry (Extant) with the power to conjure the weather, for crying out loud! Storm is one of the coolest cinematic superheroes of all time. Even if she had the worst dialogue (and wigs) of any superhero movie ever.

4. Valkyrie (Thor: Ragnarok)

Tessa Thompson (Dear White People) is rightfully one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood right now, and her turn as ferocious warrior Valkyrie showcased exactly why. With a queer backstory, a love of heavy drinking, and some phenomenal sword-wielding skills, Valkyrie is a unique hero with a fresh vibe.

3. Spawn (Spawn)

As an actor with stunning martial arts skills, Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite) is a force to be reckoned with. But make him an undead assassin with a tragic backstory and boom – you’ve got one of the greatest superheroes of all time.

Film Daily was lucky enough to speak with Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker and actor Theo Rossi about the second season of the Marvel–Netflix series and what 'Luke Cage' says about power, identity, and being a hero.

2. Luke Cage (Luke Cage)

Mike Colter (Million Dollar Baby) is charismatic, tenacious, and unexpectedly droll as the bulletproof ex-con out to save his community. Though he’s unfathomably strong, Luke Cage is also to be smart & sensitive. Plus, he knows his Wu-Tang, propelling him to the number one spot among superheroes you’d love to have a beer with.

We’re stoked Ms. Marvel will make her on-screen debut. In celebration, here’s a ranking of the ten most butt-kicking, badass superheroes of color.

1. Blade (Blade)

Wesley Snipes’ badass, leather-bound vampire hunter is the Marvel superhero who arguably kick-started the cinematic universe as we know and love it today. There has never, and will never, be a superhero as cool as this guy.

Fortunately for MCU fans, Blade will return shortly. The studio confirmed that a Blade reboot is set for 2022, and while Snipes has retired from the title role, he will be replaced by Oscar winner Mahershala Ali. The Blade reboot will be a part of the MCU, and cross paths with established heroes like Spider-Man and The Eternals.

We understand why Snipes is not returning, and we presume the film will be rated PG-13 instead, but we hope it will retain the edgy spirit of the original series. Maybe Snipes can snag a cameo.

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  • It was a excellent movie and should win a nomination this year.

    April 26, 2018

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