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'Black-ish' is finally coming to an end. Unearth the story and see if Michelle Obama will appear on the final season of the celebrated TV show.

Is Michelle Obama joining the TV show ‘Black-Ish’?

Some shows which seem to have just gotten started already have a cult following after just a few short years on the air. While Friends is ripping up headlines for its recent reunion after over a decade, other sitcoms are just getting their legacies started. Such a show which has taken off to cataclysmic heights is ABC’s hit sitcom Black-ish.

Black-ish began back in 2014, but the show already has a massive following after coming to audiences just seven years ago. Black-ish has seven seasons under its belt already, and fans were ravenous for more when the show’s eighth season was announced in May 2021. However, fans were devastated to learn Black-ish’s eighth season would be the show’s last.

Exciting & bittersweet

Back in May, Black-ish creator Kenya Barris let his followers know on Instagram the show would be ending. He’s quoted saying, “to all the people in the world I love, honor, respect and care for it is both exciting and bittersweet to share that black-ish been renewed by ABC for it’s eighth… and final season”.

The caption continues, “in this day and age it is rare to get to decide when your show should come to an end, and we are grateful along with ABC to be able to make this final season exactly what we’d hoped for – and to do it with the entire and amazingly stellar cast coming back to close this chapter out with us the right way!”.

Now that Black-ish fans know they’ll only get one more season of their favorite show, people are wondering what surprises the series will bring for its final season. This week, some serious rumors spread about the final season of Black-ish, including some exciting guest stars. Here’s what we’ve found.


This week, publications across the board lit up with headlines about Black-ish. The show is coming to an end, but what else were people talking about regarding the series’ eighth and final season? Well, special guest stars of course. 

There are certainly plenty of vocal famous fans of the TV show, so many are wondering who might show up for the final episodes of Black-ish. However, some publications hinted at a very special guest: former first lady Michelle Obama.

TV Line dropped an article on Thursday telling its readers Michelle Obama may appear on the last season of Black-ish. So where do the rumors come from saying the former first lady might appear on the celebrated TV show? Well, apparently the info isn’t a rumor at all, and Black-ish’s network has confirmed Michelle will show up during season 8.

Going all out

Reports say ABC announced on Thursday that Michelle Obama will appear in the final season of Black-ish

Reports say the official Twitter for the TV show let its followers know about their extra special guest on Thursday. The account is quoted saying, “#blackish is going all out for the final season! . . . We are honored to have trailblazer @MichelleObama join us as an upcoming guest star”. Furthermore, the TV show didn’t end its tweet with only words.

Reports say the official Twitter account for Black-ish followed up its news with a brand new photo confirming Michelle Obama will appear on the TV show. The picture features Michelle Obama surrounded by the main cast of Black-ish, including Anthony Anderson, Trace Ellis Ross, Yara Shahidi, Marcus Scribner, Miles Brown, Marsai Martin, Laurence Fishburne, Jenifer Lewis, and Katlyn Nichol.

Black-ish won’t leave its fans completely empty handed, as its spin-off Grown-ish continues through its fourth season in 2021. It’s hard to say when season 8 of Black-ish will come to fans, but they will no doubt have plenty of excitement waiting for them when the season drops.

What’s your favorite episode of Black-ish? Sound off in the comments below!

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