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It seems like Barack Obama doesn't age, as he continues to be the definition of a DILF. Take a trip down memory lane and see his sexist moments.

Age doesn’t matter: These pictures prove Barack Obama is still a DILF

“Age is just a number” stands truer for Barack Obama than anyone else. The fifty-nine-year-old former president is a man of many attractive qualities. The eloquent, charming, and fit-as-a-fiddle husband (to Michelle Obama) and father has it all. 

Every year, the Obamas visit Hawaii – Barack Obama’s home state – as part of their Christmas tradition. The tradition continued this year as well when the former president was shirtless, looking all-smiles while paddling in the waters of Kailua Bay as photographed by paparazzi on Monday.

Followed closely by his Secret Service agents, Barack Obama was basking in the glorious island of Oahu – miles away from the controversial Senate runoff election that would impact his former Vice President, Joe Biden’s term in office.

Spotted in the Aloha State a few days before Christmas, Barack Obama & former First Lady Michelle Obama indulged in a kayaking expedition according to local TV station KHON2.

The numerous shirtless pictures of Mr. Obama looking oh-so-fine in Hawaii on our timelines sparked this article. Here are all the times Barack Obama looked handsome as hell defying his age.

Victory Speech

Barack Obama had been an assertive & kind man even from the very beginning, when he gave his victory speech as the first black president of the United States back in 2008. While his sentimental speech tugged on people’s heartstrings, some found his assertive articulation very very sexy.


An irresistible trait of Obama is his adorable dimpled-smile. With a perfect set of straight teeth, the man looks gorgeous when smiling.

Workout fiend 

In October 2008, when Barack Obama graced the cover of Men’s Health magazine he mentioned he works out for forty-five minutes a day, six days a week. Twelve years later, age doesn’t matter to Barack Obama as he looks barely older. 


The time when Barack Obama crooned Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” and made everyone swoon at his chocolate-y smooth vocals *dreamy eyes*. 

Three Amigos Summit

When three of the hottest world leaders gathered and walked the red carpet together. Former president Barack Obama joined Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto in the North American Leaders Summit in 2016.



The time when Barack Obama rolled up his sleeves and attacked us with his manly suave.

Kill ‘em with sexiness?

When Barack Obama read “Mean Tweets” about himself and his sexy aura never left him once.

Perfect gentlemen

Barack Obama’s sexiness reaches a new height altogether when he’s wholeheartedly supporting his lovely former First Lady, Michelle Obama. The couple’s slow dance at the Inaugural Ball remains the most memorable event of theirs. 😍


Barack Obama is probably a vampire since he’s stellar at not showing his age. His salt-pepper hair only adds to his wholesome charm. We hope he had a great time in Hawaii with his family. Keep looking sexy, Mr. Obama!

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